Thursday, February 26, 2015

Videos I'm Loving

This is about the cutest video I've seen. I'm not a crier, but it brought a tear to my eye and I only hope I can find a love like this. Hallmark's creative team, you get a major thumbs up in my book. 
  • This video. You must watch this. It is not only touching, but after this insanely cold winter we have had, I think everyone can sympathize with being cold.. but there are people who are actually freezing. To donate in the Pittsburgh area, click here
  • Kid creates rap song- this is hilarious and kind of catchy, too. 
  • Blank Swift// Style Mashup- If there's one TSwift cover/mashup to listen to, it's for sure this one. On. Repeat. 
  • Zoella- My sister, Callie, watches a lot of YouTubers and she shared Zoella with me and I am hooked! She has the cutest British accent and her videos are too fun!
Check out my favorite videos from last month, here. What videos are you loving lately? Have a fabulous day! 


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