Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ladylike Ivory Lace Peplum

Thanks for the photos, Grace (A Southern Drawl)!! 

This is another outfit I wore in Dallas. I am so in love with this lace peplum. It's so feminine and something I wouldn't normally go for, but when I saw it, tried it on, I knew I had to have it. It's great for the summer months. I wore it with casual jeans, but plan on wearing it with a pencil skirt to work! 
I actually originally thought it would look great with white pants, but when I tried it on with white pants, it looked off. The color of the peplum is a true ivory.. which is something I love about it; it has an antique lace vibe which makes for a unique top. When I wear it, I always get compliments! Have a fabulous day! 


Erin said...

So pretty! I love the lace!

Her Heartland Soul

Dana said...

You are ROCKING the peplum lately. Love it!

Dana | Pink Champagne Problems

Melanie said...

So elegant and pretty as always!

Sasha said...

Love this top! Have you ever thought about doing an undergarment type of post? I guess it would be a bit personal but I noticed you have so many adorable tops like this as well as white or backless dresses. I do too and I always have such a hard time figuring out what to wear under them!!

Unknown said...

Love the lace and peplum- such a pretty combo!
This Side of Paradise


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