Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's in My Pink Monogram Makeup Bag

I've been meaning to share an updated 'What's In My Makeup Bag' for a while now as I know I get so many requests for this. I don't change up my routine often, but am always into trying new products! This is going to be a long, text-heavy post. I will go through each product sharing what I like about it, but am always open to suggestions on other things to use! 

Some things about my skin to note if you are considering trying any of these that I am recommending. I have olive undertones to my skin and have extremely sensitive skin and it's also pretty oily. I also am not any kind of makeup guru. I do what works for me. I like a simple, clean, natural look, and therefore, you won't find any colorful products in my daily routine. 

I also like to keep my makeup in a to-go bag (always), so I can take it on-the-go and throw it in a suitcase at a moment's notice. Currently, I am using this gorgeous monogram case that the Pink Monogram sent me. I got to pick the fabric and the monogram color/fabric. I think it is perfect; especially because when we spend the day at the club, we often shower/change there for dinner, so it'll be great to be able to throw into my L.L. Bean tote for that! 

This is my favorite primer of all time. It's almost like a tinted moisturizer in that it has a slight tint with SPF 30. I don't use this daily, though. Daily, I try to wear as little makeup as possible, so I only use this for events/special occasions/etc. A lot of primers 

I hate foundation, but use this when I have a bad breakout. I use it in a way you are probably not supposed to use it, though. I only put it on my breakout area or where there is any redness. I think it works really well as being smooth and very close to my skin's coloring so it is unnoticeable. This does not make me break out which is a huge plus. 

This stuff is a miracle worker. I use the lighter color as a highlighter and the darker color for under my eyes when my dark circles are awful (which is more often than not).  This stuff is really high coverage so you only need to use a tiny bit. It never makes me break out and it super easy to apply with just your finger. It's great for touch ups throughout the day, too. 

This is somewhat similar to the LM SecretCamouflage, but I use this more daily as my under eye concealer and spot treatment for a zit here and there. It is super pigmented so you only need a tiny bit. It's also very thick so you need to work to really blend it, but it really offers flawless coverage, is lightweight on the skin and is non comedogenic. I've been using it for years. This small tube lasts forever.

This stuff is hands down, the best. I use it almost daily. It's super lightweight and doesn't offer any coverage, and really easy to apply with the wand and blend in. I use it as a highlighter in all of the spots you are supposed to 'highlight'. I think it definitely gives me a more awake look when I use it around my eyes. 

BareMinerals 5 in 1 (in candlelit peach)
I really only use this when I am getting 'all dolled up'. It's supposed to be eyeshadow, but this color is so great for right below the brows and in the corner of the eyes. It's somewhat like the Stroke of Light, but has a shimmer to it that is great for the evening. I will even put it on my upper cheek bones for a little added shimmer. 

Sephora Mineral Powder
Sephora, unfortunately, does not make this any longer. I ran out of my usual Amazonian Clay by Tarte and went to use this in the meantime, but actually love it. It's really similar to the BareMinerals powder. This is something I use daily. When I am finished with it, I will probably either go back to either Tarte or BareMinerals. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Bronzer (in Park Ave Princess)
I've been using this bronzer forever. It's matte and not shimmery and also doesn't make my skin breakout. I use this in contouring areas daily. I use this brush to apply the bronzer and also use it to apply my blush. It's great for contouring. I don't do much contouring, so this bronzer is great because I can kind of be messy with it, and it just blends in nicely. I use this brush to blend everything in when I'm finished with face makeup. 

Chanel Joues Powder Blush (in 99 Rose Petale)
By far my favorite blush ever. It's the perfect color for me, not too pigmented, and the powder is so fine that is just blends so nicely. It also stays on for a while which is nice. It has a slight shimmer, but it's very subtle and flattering. It's also great to throw in a bag for a touch up as I think this color just gives me enough in my cheeks to make me look more 'alive'. 

Nars (in Albatross)
I've had this for years. It literally lasts forever. I still have a lot left, too. I don't use it daily, but use it for nighttime when I want to wear full makeup. It's a shimmery highlighter. It's pretty shimmery, so I use a tiny bit to highlight my upper cheekbones and other highlighted areas on my face. 

Anastasia Brow Wiz (in caramel) 
If I had to choose only one product to ever use, it'd be this one. It's so easy to use and I can quickly accentuate my eyebrows. I don't like to overdo it, but I do admire Cara Delevingne for her bold brows. 

I am about to finish up this tube. It was my first tube of this ever, but tried it out because I've always hear such good things. With that said, I love it. It's easy to apply, perfectly black and the brush with the little ball on the end makes it easy to apply on bottom lashes. Plus it comes off easily with my Neutrogena makeup removing wipes. I have a lot of other mascara favorites but that's another post for another day. 

This is honestly nothing to write home about, but I bought it, so I'm committed to using it until it has run out. It's supposed to be for your eyelashes to make your mascara waterproof, but the woman at Sephora talked me into it to put on my eyebrows to ensure that they stay in place all day/night. It feels weird on my brows and it's just not that great. 

I use this only on nights/weekends when I want to be in 'full makeup'. It's easy to apply and easy to remove. It's a nice bold black. 

This is what is in the white unmarked spray bottle in the photo. It comes in a huge bottle so I have a small travel bottle so it can go with me everywhere. It's great for my oily skin. It holds my makeup on and I really think it makes me less oily throughout the day. I don't use this daily, usually just on weekends/nights when I do a full face of makeup. I recommend it even just as something to hold your makeup in place for a fun night out. 

My take is that it is never too early to be proactive about your wrinkles. This eye cream is a favorite of mine. I just love the thicker texture and I think it really does work. If nothing else, it is a great eye moisturizer. I got a sample years ago and have been using it ever since. I actually love getting the samples, because I take my full size and transfer it into my small sample jars so I'm not lugging around a giant tub when I travel. I only apply this at night. 

I was given this in Dallas a few weeks ago. I was 99% hesitant to use because it is oil. I have oily skin, so why would I use oil on my skin? I did some research about it and after reading all of the positive reviews, I decided to try it. It was honestly a leap of faith for me skin-wise because my skin freaks out easily when I introduce a new product. I was extremely surprised. It goes on light and doesn't have a super heavy oil feeling. I mostly use it on my neck, cheeks and a tiny bit on my forehead. I honestly think it's better than any moisturizer I've ever used. It doesn't make me breakout or get any oilier. Definitely a splurge, but I think this has definitely become a part of my routine. 

These tweezers are the very best. I've had them forever. I don't get my eyebrows waxed or anything like that, so it's just these that I do brow maintenance every so often. Definitely recommend these! 

Phew, that's it. This is just what I keep in my Pink Monogram monogrammed makeup case. It is small, but fits a lot more than you'd think and is perfect for travel/everyday use. I store all of my other makeup in a big drawer with dividers/containers to keep it neat and organized. Do you have any product recommendations? I'd love to know! Have a fabulous day! 



Anonymous said...

I really think that this is a really good group of products! Having a solid group of products you can rely on is really good!

-xoxo Kacey

Erin Fairchild said...

NARS Orgasm is my favorite blush!

Her Heartland Soul

Cynthia Hoyt said...

What a super cute little makeup bag! I can't believe how much it holds! I definitely recommend the naked 2 palatte. I got it around Christmas and I'm seriously obsessed with the colors. It's perfect! I also really like Hoola Bronzer from Benefit!


Katie M said...

Your makeup bag is so darling! Gingham + monogram = perfection!


Sarah said...

You've got some great products in here! I like keeping my absolute basics in a small case that is ready to go at a moments' notice as well. When I travel I am so simple and basic with my makeup, because it just makes sense to me. When I am at home, however, I like to include many more products and steps because I simply enjoy makeup and love to play around with it!

Sweet Spontaneity

Ashley said...

I love the Pink Monogram! They're located in the town I live in :) Such a fabulous place to buy gifts (and get a few things for yourself too!)

Anonymous said...

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natural makeup said...

I love this pink monogram .. wao :)


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