Monday, June 22, 2015

All White Eyelet


Necklace (shop: Canter Beads)// Sunglasses 

Are you sick of seeing these sunglasses yet? Hopefully not because they are my favorite. I love the way they fit, the lens and the mirrored look. The classic tortoise frames match most looks but the mirrored lens makes it look a little more 'hip'. 

This was the perfect weekend dinner look. If you haven't noticed, all white is my favorite for the summertime. I even wear this monochromatic look in the winter, too. Theres's just something so refreshing and simple about all white, and during the summer months, it really makes a tan pop! Outfit coordinates are really 'in' right now. I really like the 'trend' because it reminds me of the 60's. Samantha Steven's style (main character in Bewitched series that I love). 

If you're not into the two piece outfit, they have a really cute dress version of this, too, and it's under $100! Would be great for work, weekend, beach, etc. ! The only thing about all white? Stay away from coffee, ketchup, soy sauce and chocolate.... I'm totally guilty of almost always spilling something. Shout wipes and tide-to-go are my best friends. Have a fabulous day! 


Katherine Fitzwater said...

This is adorable! Loved following your snaps this weekend. Looked like you ladies had a great time.

Erin Fairchild said...

Cute! I love that necklace!

Her Heartland Soul

Rachael said...

This is perfect! To be honest I thought Kate Spade was the designer who made this before I clicked on the link. Good choice.

Rachael said...

I honestly thought Kate Spade designed this before I clicked on the link! :) Beautiful!

Lauren said...

Lovely outfit!


Olivia C Myers said...

Summer whites are my favorite! I love the separates trend right now too!


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