Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Draped Blouse + Skater Skirt

The other day, one of my coworkers and I had to wander around Pittsburgh for a photo shoot project. Besides being really fun and creative, I also explored some places I haven't been. Case in point, these photos are taken on Duquesne University's Campus. I'll have to share some more photos that give you a sense of the beauty in a follow up post! 

I spoke at Duquesne University on a panel in the late fall, but since it was at night, I parked in a parking garage and beelined it to the lecture hall without taking in the atmosphere. 

My coworker had gotten her masters at Duquesne (and my mom went to Duquesne, too!) so it was great to be on campus during the day and have her as a tour guide. I had absolutely no idea how gorgeous the campus is! If you are in Pittsburgh, it's definitely worth checking out. The grounds are lovely and the views are pretty incredible, too. 

Duquesne University Catholic Scary Jesus
Since Duquesne is a Catholic school, they have a massive Crucifix on display. Let's just say, it is the strangest/borderline creepiest Jesus I have ever seen... and I feel bad about saying that because... it's Jesus. But, apparently, the students call it 'scary Jesus'.... you can't make these things up. 

Anyway, now on to the outfit. With the weather warming up and the campus being so close to my office, it's great to have this spot to escape to if I want eat lunch outdoors and avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown! 

The shirt I am wearing in today's post is something I had been looking around for quite some time. I wanted a sleeveless, neutral blouse that could be worn dressed up or down. This really fits the bill and was at a great price point, too. I think it'll look great at work, but it also worked well with this going out combo. I also plan on wearing it with white jeans for a simple and casual all-white look. 

The skirt is gorgeous. I love the fabric and colors. My only gripe is that when I ordered it, I was expecting it to be lined, and it is not. It says that in the description, but I wasn't paying attention. I think it is gorgeous, but a skirt at that price should be lined. Oh well, I've still received many compliments on it! If you are looking to order, it runs true to size. It's on the shorter side, so I would say it is not a work appropriate piece, but is perfect for a young woman going out on the weekend! Have a fabulous day! 


Erin Fairchild said...

I love skater skirts! Cute look!

Her Heartland Soul

Allie Harris said...

I love that skirt! It's such a great outfit combo!

Katie M said...

I love your top!


Christine said...

Oh my that Crucifix is scary! Love your top, so chic and would be perfect for nights out!

Daily Sports USA said...

I love your outfit, that skirt is really gorgeous, beautiful colors, it looks great with draped blouse.


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