Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thela Bag

Meli Melo Bag 

I've been obsessed with this bag for a while now. I have a real affinity for tote style bags. I love larger bags because I like to carry everything with me at all times. I've been using my Mansur Gavriel tote every single day for the past 10 months. I'm obsessed (to say the least) with it, but also have noticed it doesn't really work with my summer wardrobe, as I wear a ton of black in the winter but not so much in the summer! I'm definitely the girl that has bandaids, advil, and even an afternoon snack stowed away in her bag, so the larger the bag, the better! 

I really like this particular bag because it's made of gorgeous leather and boasts a simple design, which makes for a classic bag that will stand the test of time. And who doesn't love a bag that Olivia Palermo wears? I love her style, so I'm glad to see her with this bag! I think the brown really lends itself to a summer wardrobe. I think this makes a great travel bag, too, it's a similar size of a classic canvas L.L. bean tote, but is dressier and more sophisticated. What are your thoughts on the bag? I'm hoping you'll convince me to hit the 'submit' button on my order ;) Have a fabulous day! 



Erin Fairchild said...

I love this bag! That first color is so rich!

Her Heartland Soul

Emily said...

That bag is really cute - it has a proenza schouler vibe to it! If I didn't already have a large Mulberry Alexa which is a similar colour & slouchy in style I'd definitely consider this! I personally love they grey version though

Brooke said...

What a gorgeous bag! I think that's perfect for any season and you should definitely order it! I will be!

Kelsey said...

Gorgeous bag, I wish I needed another large tote style bag. I would snap this up in a heartbeat.

Lucy Ratliff said...

Which size in the ll bean boat and tote do you suggest for everyday use?


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