Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday Randoms

I have been using these a lot lately. They're less pricey than the Beats headphones but deliver a really great sound. I love flying with them, but also use them at my desk while I work. Check out my latest playlist, here

Since there is a new Tory Burch store that just opened in Pittsburgh (read all about it here) I'm glad I get to try out a lot of their stuff! I'm in love with their Minnie travel flat. These are great to throw into a tote. I always always always carry a pair of flats/sandals with me when I wear heels to work and these are a really great option. 

The red hanger sales is one of my favorites of the year! The sale is amazing and you can score things like this dress (last seen here) for well under $100 and this wicker clutch for under $60! 

So not within my budget whatsoever, but I die over this blue and white print inspired from gorgeous tiles. I'll take the entire collection, and then I'd like to jet off to Mykonos. The bathing suit is TDF, too. One can dream. 

If you aren't a Donald Roberston fan, I don't know where you've been. He is my absolute favorite artist. I've loved him ever since he designed the runway for Lisa Perry with his famous gaffer tape a few years ago. This is his first book, which is aimed at children, that comes out in August. I've had mine pre-odered since April. I'm not kidding when I say obsessed. I think it will make for a conversation starting coffee table book... aka people will ask why I have a children's book. Plus, his twin toddlers are hands down the cutest children I have ever seen. I die from cuteness every time I check out his Instagram (he's a must follow). In other Drawbertson news, I feel very 'adult' because I ordered my first piece of 'legit' artwork.. ok so it's not that legit, it's a signed and numbered print. I'm beyond excited about it and already thinking about all of the framing possibilities... so this is what being an adult is like, huh? I don't mind it! PS. if you're not familiar with Donald, he co-founded Mac (the makeup) and helped to launch Marie Claire and now works for Smashbox. 

Have you heard of this site before? If you haven't you must pay a visit. It's essentially, a high end online consignment store. It has anything and everything you could want and it's not sketchy like eBay. I'd really love to add another Hermes scarf to my collection (I want to frame one of my older ones!) and this is the site to do it. They're often deeply discounted! 

This is hands down the best stuff ever. I shave my legs with it every shower and it's better than any shaving cream. It is so moisturizing and makes it (almost) pleasant when shaving my legs. I buy the refill which saves money and waste... it's a little pricey, but to me, it's worth every penny. 

This blush leather bucket bag is an under $200 version of Mansur Gavriel's famed bucket bag. I love this blush shade and think it would work well into the fall paired with creams, tans, navys and blacks. 

If you haven't heard about this yet, you can learn more here, but I'll be in attendance and am super excited! For those in Pittsburgh, I hope to see you there-- $25 for those under 30 which includes access to the party and an open bar. Yesss! Use discount code 'ASTOUNDING' for $5 off!  


Erin Fairchild said...

That dress is gorgeous!! Holy wow on the price tag though!! haha

Her Heartland Soul

Portuguese Prepster said...

I saw that dress in person the other day and it is gorgeous!

Olivia Luko said...

Buying art is so fun! I would recommend going white on white (matte/frame) with this print to let the print really speak (or a burled wood frame to be fun!). Unfortunately framing can be expensive (the same as the cost of the art!). I recommend going to your local Aaron Brothers for a quote and watching for coupons. I have had them do a great job! If you don't feel comfortable with them, try to find a local framer who will match their price.


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