Thursday, August 6, 2015

Black and White Striped Gown

Does anyone else remember this stunning dress from Oscar De La Renta's collection several years ago? I remember seeing the images online and my jaw dropped. The silhouette and clean lines are pure perfection to me. The silhouette and the way the fabric drapes is exactly what I would want in a wedding gown. 

Well, if you have a black tie event coming up, you're in luck, because I came across a similar dress for under $250! I wish I had somewhere to wear this, because I'd scoop it up in an instant. The black and white color palette and simple silhouette make it simple and classic, but the lines on the skirt make it an updated classic. Do you have a fun event coming up that you could wear this frock to? Have a fabulous day! 


Casey said...

If you love it that much, buy it now! The event will come later.

Casey said...
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Erin Fairchild said...

Gorgeous! Wish I had somewhere fancy to go! haha

Her Heartland Soul

Jasmine Riel said...

Wow, those dresses are just breathtaking. I'm with the other person who commented! Buy it now! You'll for sure find some reason to wear it later ;) (even if it's just to dance around your house while wearing it).


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