Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blue + White Stripes with a side of Kitty

Hey everyone.. I got a cat! Ok, totally kidding. I'm not a cat person, but this little guy came right over to us as we were shooting these photos! He kept weaving in and out of my legs and then he literally just sat next to me for a good 5 minutes! It was kind of adorable! 

I wore this outfit briefly on a run to Barnes and Noble to pick up some of the books you saw in this photo (thank you to everyone who gave me great suggestions, if you are looking for book recs, check out the comments here)! I am sure as you are reading this, I am laying out in the sun with one of those books in my hand :) 

This outfit really isn't groundbreaking by any means, but it gives you an idea of basically a uniform that I live in on the weekends! I've had this shirt for years now and it's a tried and true favorite in my closet. Definitely a classic and a staple. It's comfortable, flattering and nice quality... especially for the inexpensive price! Every time I wear glasses, I feel slightly 'hipster', which usually isn't my thing, but I feel way cooler (and smarter) whenever I rock glasses... it felt especially appropriate to wear them to a bookstore. Have a fabulous day! 


Jasmine Riel said...

Cute! Love that striped top - and that shade of blue looks great on you. I want that cat. (Except I'm like deathly allergic -___-).


Erin Fairchild said...

Cute look! The star of the show is definitely that adorable little kitty! haha I'm cat obsessed.

Her Heartland Soul

dWa said...

Sydney this is the cutest!


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