Friday, August 14, 2015

J. McLaughlin Courtney Striped Dress and Silk Scarf

I want to sing from the rooftops about J.McLaughlin's Courtney dress. I got it last week and I've already worn it three times! I wore it while at the lake for drinks and dinner at Brasstown Valley Resort, which is where these photos were taken. I've also worn it to run errands and grab a quick lunch with a friend and then again to work. 

The material is a thick, uber soft cotton... kind of like a thick jersey material. It's structured enough for work but plenty comfortable enough to even just run around town in while running errands. Not to mention, it was easy breezy in the late afternoon Georgia heat! I love it paired with the bright scarf. The pop of orange really adds a note of summer into the dress. I think the scarf really looks similar to Hermes, but the best part is that this is a fraction of the price! Come fall, I can't wait to wear a black cashmere cableknit, black skinny pants, ballet flats and then throw on the scarf as the piece de resistance! 

The #1 reason I love this dress so much is that because I work in an office setting, I pretty much sit all day. I never realized it until recently, but I'll iron something in the morning and after about an hour or two sitting at my desk, I'll be a wrinkled mess! It drives me nuts so I specifically avoid certain things in my closet that are prone to wrinkles! This dress NEVER wrinkles. I packed it to bring home from Georgia and pulled it out of my suitcase without a single wrinkle. I wore it all day at work and it looked freshly pressed even at the end of the day! That's a big win in my book. I also can't wait to wear this dress as the temps cool down with a pretty sweater or blazer over top! Can't wait to see more of J.McLaughlin's New Arrivals for fall, but for now, definitely check out their sale as you can get an extra 20% off! Have a fabulous day!


Heather said...

That dress is so cute! But then again, I always love anything navy and white stripe! Also, too funny that you were at Brasstown Valley last week- I thought this looked familiar because I was just there Friday picking up my husband from a work trip! It's so pretty there in the mountains!

Cynthia Hoyt said...

I'm going to have to go buy this dress today after work. I didn't realize it was navy and white stripes! Obsessed! I've never been to Brasstown but I have been to the lake y'all were at and it's HEAVEN. Love how you paired the scarf with the stripes!

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Erin Fairchild said...

I love that dress!

Her Heartland Soul

Lauren said...

That scarf is the perfect touch to that dress!


Rebecca Virginia said...

love the dress! we have the same shoes =]


Kayla Scanlan said...

You need a little mobile steamer for your daily touch ups!


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