Monday, August 31, 2015

The Perfect Transition Outfit

Last week was actually chilly. We're talking 'put your seat heaters on, wear a jacket in the morning, need a sweater at night' kind of chill. I welcomed the 60 degree temps with open arms. I love summer, but I also love to layer and sometimes those things just do not go hand-in-hand. 

During the day, though, it still gets hot enough that you wouldn't want to be stuck in a sweater or boots or anything 'too fall'. Enter the outfit above. 

It's perfect because of the transitional fabrics and colors, minus all the layers you would need for actual fall. I am a big believer in the LWS (little white shirt, read about here) and denim. It's the simplest outfit that works for a number of season and occasions. This shirt combines a menswear inspired, classic, crisp button down with an updated tunic finish. It's classic with a subtle twist and definitely works for a multitude of styling options. 

I don't really ever wear jeans in the summer. I get too hot, and really prefer dresses and skirts. However, I reached for jeans last week for the first time in a long while and forgot how much I love them! This pair is hands down my favorite style ever. It comes in a multitude of washes and well worth the price. They're so comfortable but very well made and flattering. The style/cut comes out every season, so I've collected the Halle in a lot of different washes! 

The flats are one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet right now. The pop of red is very fall, and adds a nice dose of color to my other wise neutral outfit. Not to mention, these are inexpensive, well made and uber comfortable. They have arch support built in which is a major plus. These are cute, but also functional enough to walk around in a large city for hours on end. What are you wearing to transition into the new season? Have a fabulous day! 


Christi Lindsay said...

This outfit--oxford, jeans, and flats--is my when-in-doubt outfit, so it was affirming to see it featured here! My favorite LWS is the classic Polo RL; I remember my mom wearing a similar style as I was growing up, so it makes me feel classic. Great post!

Layers of Linda said...

Those jeans look perfect! I'm not a jeans girl at all and looking to purchase a good pair this fall.

C. Greene said...

It's a great look for Fall. And you wear classic clothing really well.

Erin Fairchild said...

I seriously love your hair!

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