Tuesday, August 18, 2015

White Grecian Maxi Under $100

Felicity and CoCo Grecian Jersey Maxi Dress at Nordstrom

First of all, Summer Wind PSA: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is going down right now, so head over and shop till you drop. Get the details on the sale here. It ends today! 

So here's the story behind this dress. I came across this dress while browsing online one day. I fell in love instantly. But, I had no justification for the purchase. The price tag was too high for me to buy for no reason. Not to mention, I had no event coming up that required a dress like that.

Soooooo, while browsing one afternoon, I came across the dress you see above. It's the same 'color' and has a very similar vibe but for a fraction of the Rachel Pally version! At well under $100, this dress was a great find! It also might be the most comfortable thing ever. It's made of stretchy jersey material and drapes loosely and effortlessly. A great casual addition to any wardrobe and something very different from what I normally gravitate towards. 

I wore it while at the lake one evening (hence the creeping owl in the background of the last pic, haha). It was so easy to throw on, paired well with a tan and was easy to lounge in once I was in a food coma (it happens every night at the lake). Have a fabulous day! 


another mom said...

The dress in beautiful and the owl in the last picture is so neat!!

Allie Harris said...

Such a gorgeous dress! It's so flattering!

Jackie M said...

Love the dress! How is the fit? I am 5'10" and see that it is long on you, what size did you get and what is your height if you don't mind. I can fall between sizes based my height yet waist size. THANKS!

Lauren said...

That dress is beautiful!



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