Monday, October 26, 2015

Burberry Scarf Sale

I've shared this Burberry ad campaign video via a quick link before, but wanted to post about it again because I think it's such a beautiful and well done video. 

If you are into marketing/advertising, Burberry is a company to keep an eye on. A company with deep-rooted history, dating back to 1856, it's slightly surprising that the company is so innovative in terms of their advertising and media presence. Their YouTube channel alone is so well managed and features topics such as 'how to tie a scarf' to new musician  exclusive acoustic sessions, to their ad campaigns and their fashion shows. 

I think for several years, Burberry lost itself and the iconic plaid was at one point, overdone, but I think they're back in the ring again providing iconic, timeless, well made pieces. If you've ever done some research on Burberry, around 2006 is when the company removed the iconic plaid from all but 10% of their products to regain their luxury and respectable status as a heritage British label. In turn, their sales increased in a big way. 

I was shopping the other day and tried on this incredible duffle coat. I always notice the dad in Home Alone wearing this coat (see movie still here) and have loved it ever since. The style is timeless and classic and the camel color is elegant and neutral. This is for sure atop my wish list. Oh, maybe someday! 

Anyways, as I was browsing, I noticed that the 100% cashmere classic plaid scarf is currently being price matched for $100 off. It's still pricey, but a good deal. I ordered one and it just arrived today and I am beyond in love! It would make for a wonderfully luxe Christmas present for someone who is hard to buy for/has everything! Have a fabulous day!

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