Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lately 10/22

Wearing: On Saturday morning, I'll be speaking at the University of Pittsburgh's Women in Business conference on Personal Branding and Professional Dress in the Workplace. I've spoken at Duquesne University and Point Park University, so Pitt marks my 3rd Pittsburgh college speaking engagement!

I will be wearing this top, these pearls, this skirt, and these shoes.

I am excited-- I have always been a nervous speaker, but the more I speak, the more comfortable I become. I'm also proud of the presentation I have prepared. At first, an hour an fifteen minutes sounded like a lot, but now that I'm prepared, it's not so bad! If you are a nervous speaker, one thing I have learned is that it really helps if you know your topic like the back of your hand and actually enjoy it! I have worked really hard on crafting a presentation that includes concrete and valuable takeaways, but also one that is interesting and engaging.

Eating: I spotted these pre cooked and marinated brussels at my local TJ's and absolutely love them. They make for a super quick and easy dinner side dish, and sometimes I'll just eat them for lunch--they're that good! 

Drinking: Pinot Noir is my favorite type of wine. My top favorites, in order of price (lowest to highest) are: Mark West, Meiomi, La Crema and Belle Glos. Last night I had a glass by Angeline. I loved it. I've never seen it in the liquor store, so I am going to keep my eyes peeled. It looks like the average price online is marked at $12! 

Watching: This video created by JMU Football. It is epic. I wish I could be in Harrisonburg to watch JMU take on University of Richmond for ESPN's College game day! 

Reading: You may have seen on Instagram, but my Tweet made it into Town and Country's November issue. I had no idea, and was reading through when I spotted my handle! It's on page 60!

Also Reading: Influenster interviewed me and my interview is now live on their site! I'd love for you to check it out. I shared some of my favorite beauty products and tips for new bloggers!

Wanting: I've been coming across so many things I am loving. Isn't that full length skirt absolutely to die for? It would make for such an elegant outfit during the holidays! I've also been coming across so many sale items that are priced soooo well. My favorite find has to be this incredibly luxurious, high quality cashmere robe that is under $100. I got my mom one for her birthday and one for myself. Be sure to follow me on Twitter because whenever I find an amazing steal, I'll usually tweet it out! 

Loving: It looks like Mansur Gavriel bags can be pre-ordered here. The iconic bucket bag is still available, too! I'm always getting e-mails about my MG bags and I have to say I absolutely love my totes. They are by far my most used bags! Great to buy now and save for someone special as a really nice Christmas gift. 

I'm also loving this eyelash primer I picked up earlier this week. I really like it so far. It's 'barely' white, so you don't have to cake on the mascara like a lot of other primers. Currently, I'm working on a beauty post with updated makeup products that I am loving. I really think my currently makeup routine is the best it has ever been. I've found some amazing products that I'm fully happy to recommend, so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon! 

Pittsburgh-ing: I did a lot of Pittsburgh-y things this weekend. It was my first full weekend actually in the city in a long time, so it was really nice to be able to relax, sleep in and enjoy the city. 

On Sunday, my friends and I had a major Sunday Funday. We had tickets to go see Timeflies, one of our favorite groups and beforehand, we went to Industry Public House in Lawrenceville. This restaurant/bar is relatively new, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. My Thoughts? Awesome. They have an extensive bar, think any bourbon/whiskey you can dream of. I also loved that they had Arsenal Cider (a Pittsburgh cider house) on tap! They even had all different wines and champagnes/prosecco on the menu! And their food? Oh. My. Gosh. I wasn't too hungry, so I ordered nachos thinking I'd just pick at them.. and then was served the above. The plate could have easily fed 7 people. Everyone else got entrees and theirs were just as large-- and delicious, too! 

And the concert? If you saw from my snapchat (SummerWind41490), it was SO much fun. They played all my favorite songs and Mr. Smalls is such a fun venue. If you have a chance to see a concert there, I recommend it. It's a little out of the way but somewhat intimate and they also have a full bar! I saw The Fray back in 2006 when they were pretty unknown and I remember being excited because my girlfriends and I were able to get into the front row! Next up, the same group of us are going to the Chainsmokers at Stage AE in a few weeks. I cannot wait!!! 


Laura said...

Ahh Timeflies! I remember when they made a Call me Maybe vidoe back in 2012 and they actually posted their phonenumber in the youtube video and we tried texting them but they never answered :(, I'm sure it'd be so fun to see them in concert!

Laura Aime Vous

Erin said...

That scarf!! Beautiful!!

Her Heartland Soul

My Life as A Plate said...

My friends and I love Industry!! They have such a great drink selection and delicious foods. Next time you go try one of their flatbreads, they are super tasty and I agree they always have Arsenal on tap ( one of my favorites).

anc said...

Arsenal is the best!!!! I just checked them out at their new pop-up location at Soergel's. I'm looking forward to their Christmas ciders coming soon!


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