Sunday, December 6, 2015

24 hours in NYC

A few weeks ago I flew up to Manhattan for a hot second. Usually, when I go to New York, I'm visiting friends or there for fashion week/ blog related things, so I kind of stay in my routine. I almost never get a chance to leisurely enjoy NYC without a schedule. So, this time I made no plans and we decided to enjoy our time and play tourist! 

I stayed at the Park Lane Hotel  (Central Park South). This was another requirement-- I usually stay below 30th street, so I really wanted to be up near the park this time around.  The Park Lane Hotel is situated right in between the Ritz and the Plaza, so you know you're in a good spot. This was my first time at the Park Lane and I loved it. I highly recommend it. It's at a lower price point than the Plaza (which is awesome, especially for the location) but still boasts old school elegance and luxury! Our flight landed around dinner time, so we checked in to our hotel and were greeted with the amazing view pictured above! 

After that, we hightailed it to the Plaza for a nightcap in their newly renovated Palm Court. I hadn't been in since it had been renovated and the addition of the bar is a very welcome concept! I still have a soft spot for the Oak Room-- but it has been closed for a while due to renovations. I can't wait until that opens up again! 

It was unseasonably warm that evening, so we took a long walk and then headed back to the hotel to rest for the weekend! 

The next morning, I woke up super early to watch the sunrise because the view overlooking Central Park was so amazing. However, it was sadly foggy...still a great view, nonetheless. I lounged in the room and enjoyed a little room service before getting ready for the day. +1 to Park Lane for having great coffee!

We walked right out of our hotel doors and into Central Park. It was so warm-- but still such a fun sight to see ice skaters at Wollman Rink. 

We shopped around on 5th Avenue, hitting all of my favorites: Saks, Club Monaco, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, etc. And we finally ended at Bergdorfs, where I ogled over: a Lady Dior bag, Goyard Tote, and Chanel Booties, just to name a few. We stopped up at BG to have a champagne lunch. If you've never been to BG, it's a must for several reasons. A+ people watching, the most incredible decor and views, and the food is excellent. I had the Gotham salad pictured above-- a staple on the menu that they are known for (and for good reason!). 

Then it was time to pack up and head on to our next adventure, that you may have already read about here. What do you like to do while you are in NYC? Have a fabulous day! 


Unknown said...

Really really love all your outfits. Would wear everything :)

❤ Kisses from

sparklingshannon said...

I'm heading to NYC for 1 day next Saturday for my birthday and am CLUELESS on where to eat! Any suggestions? Especially looking for a good pizza place. :)

Unknown said...

This sounds like an amazing weekend trip! Cheers!

xx Kathryn

trg said...

Thanks for this post! I love NY but don't get to go very often so it was fun to see your trip!! Definitely post about the Plaza when all renovations are done. I love the Plaza!

Unknown said...

Hey I am really happy that you had great time in NYC. All the venues you visited there look adorable. Now I am also thinking to visit NYC soon. Well, currently I am planning my wedding party that will be held at the domestic event space San Francisco but I would love to visit NYC after wedding.


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