Monday, December 7, 2015

Cozy Neutral Outfit

I was out to dinner with my family a few weeks ago and my sister and I had arrived earlier than everyone else so we decided to go into some of the nearby stores and browse. Ann Taylor was nearby and so we popped in to kill some time. 

I'm not a huge Ann Taylor shopper, but every once in a blue moon I am pleasantly surprised at their selection. This time, it was one of those 'blue moons'... actually, I think it was a full moon ;). 

Anyway, I have my wardrobe down to a science. I base it around a palette of neutrals and then add in pops of colors and textures with accessories. So that means a lot of camel, grey, black, navy etc. and then I pull in the color with nail polish, jewelry, scarves, lip color, shoes or handbags. 

I spotted this gorgeous sweater and immediately knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. I'm a little bit of a snob when it comes to fabric-- especially sweaters. I don't like acrylic or other synthetic materials. However, I make exceptions and this sweater was one. It's mostly acrylic, but the price reflected that (aka super low) and it is SO soft and cozy. It also has a really great, thick, luxe texture and because it's made from synthetic materials, it has an unusual, but very welcome stretch to the material. It's a piece that can be knocked around and worn a million times before it shows any sign of wear! I totally recommend it, especially for workwear. You could ball it up and have it sit at the bottom of your bag, and pull it out hours later and it would hardly show a wrinkle! This is an asset that would make it great for travel as well. I also have been wearing it a lot with my loungewear around the house-- it's almost like a robe! 

The grey coat was totally on a whim. I saw it in the window, which actually drew me into the store in the first place. I tried it on and immediately loved it. I call it my 'sheep coat' because that's what it reminds me of. The fabric is softer than anything and while the coat feels very thin, it's shocking how warm it keeps me. I bought it as more of a 'statement coat' because it's just not very practical. I think it looks so fun with a LBD, too. It's reversible, but personally, I won't wear it on the other side. It's also pretty pricey for the lack of quality, but I was able to get it at 40% off which makes it much more affordable. The cut of the coat has a 60's vibe, especially because it is collarless. When I saw it, I thought it looked like something Samantha Stevens would wear... aka the star of the '60s sitcom (and one of my favorite shows ever), Bewitched. I've worn it many times already and people actually stop me to ask where I got my coat! 

The leggings I am wearing are the Lilly travel pant that I got in last year's sale, but I've linked to this year's version. It looks like you may be able to snag a pair here or here. They're great for work and play because they are cut like a dress pant but with the feel and comfort of a legging!


Unknown said...

Really love it. I need those leggings and that cardigan

Kisses from

Unknown said...

Love the simplicity of this look. So chic!


Anonymous said...

Ok we NEED that cardigan! OMG!

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