Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Throwback Playlist

I love that Summer Wind readers are so into music. I absolutely love that you all ask for song suggestions and send me suggestions, too! I am so lucky to get the sweetest e-mails and comments on how much you enjoy my playlists, so thank you!

I'm super into music and always looking for new tunes to add to my playlists. In the music world, for me, everything is fair game. From Bach to Beyonce, from Paul Simon to the Chainsmokers, I love it all. 

One of my favorite playlists that I have made is my 'Throwback' playlist. This brings back fond memories of growing up and what my parents liked to listen to. I definitely got the musical gene from my dad as he is really into music... a lot of the songs on the list are because of him!

This playlist also brings me back to college. My junior and senior year, we used to play all of these songs. From getting ready for a sorority date party to going to a fraternity band party, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, Rolling Stones, etc.-- they'd all be on full blast! You would have thought we were all going to school back in the 80's rather than 2012!  I specifically remember the weekend before Thanksgiving, we were at one of our favorite fraternities and it was a small party, we were all in one room, and Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver came on. We all started singing-- it was epic.

I also thought it very appropriate to share now, because almost all of the songs on the playlist are so upbeat! They're great for a party but I also love turning this playlist all the way up when driving. I'm headed to Annapolis for New Year's Eve and I know this playlist will definitely get some major usage. I even listen to it while working-- and it makes me want to get up and start dancing right then and there! Do you have a great throwback playlist? Have a fabulous day! 

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Belle On Trend said...

This playlist rocks! We will definitely be listening to these tunes tomorrow night in Chicago! Where did you get that dress?! It is to die for! Love this post!




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