Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Downtown Pittsburgh by @StripDistrict412

3 PPG Place Pittsburgh, PA
3 PPG Place 

Chipotle Market Square Pittsburgh, pA
Market Square

PPG Place, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
PPG Place

The Carlyle building in Pittsburgh, PA
The Carlyle at 4th and Wood Street 

Market Square

Delray Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Delray Street

Market Square

Gateway Center T station Pittsburgh, PA
Gateway Center 'T' station (this is Pittsburgh's subway)

Gateway Center Fountain Pittsburgh, PA
Gateway Center Fountain 

Bugundy Skirt (on sale under $70)// Nude pumps 

The most amazing thing and my favorite part of Summer Wind is connecting with others who I probably would not have met had my site never existed. Not only have I met so many amazing people all over the country (and even the world!), but I've made such great friends. Not just fellow bloggers, but for example, last night I had dinner with two girls who I met through blogging and they have become great friends! Many other times, I have had the privilege of meeting incredible people with amazing talents. 

Pittsburgh is in the middle of this major upgrade. I've always loved the city, but it's finally gaining the recognition it deserves! Incredibly talented people are coming to Pittsburgh and making it a major destination. Just a few examples are the Google offices in Bakery Square and Facebook is also opening up offices in Oakland for Oculus research (that's their virtual reality platform). 

Not only is Pittsburgh a major hot spot for the tech industry, but it also has a lot of artistically talented people. Really, it's always been home to artistically talented people--Ever heard of Andy Warhol? Yep, he's a Pittsburgher! One of those artistically talented people is Jay North who is the photographer behind the Instagram @StripDistrict412

I had followed his amazing instagram account for a while until we finally decided to get together! If you are Pittsburgher, he's a must-follow. His photos feature incredible shots of Pittsburgh. He finds angles of the city, I would have never even thought to capture! He's also the guy behind the hashtag #SteelCityGrammers. This is a super popular hashtag for Pittsburgh photographers. I could spend hours scrolling through and seeing all of the gorgeous shots! 

We met up one weekend to take some photos around downtown Pittsburgh. He's so nice and it was so much fun to see him in action! He has such a good eye and I feel like these photos capture the real industrial feel of Pittsburgh. PPG Place is a set of glass buildings built in the early '80s that look like sleek mirrored castles. They're iconic to Pittsburgh's skyline and it's so cool to see the juxtaposition of something so shiny and gorgeous against something like the gritty alleyway we stumbled upon right behind the buildings (Delray Street).

I wore this wear-to-work look because many of you requested that I share some more wear-to-work inspiration. This burgundy skirt is so gorgeous (currently on sale under $70). I actually didn't buy it for work, but it just happens that it is a very appropriate length and I love the architectural interest on the front. It makes it interesting, but still conservative enough for the office. But the best part is that it's still short enough for it to be fun for the weekends! As for sizing, it runs pretty true to size. I'm wearing a size 2. 

The top is so gorgeous, and unfortunately, this outfit doesn't show off the gorgeous peplum. I actually didn't have a cute top to pair with the burgundy color of the skirt. I loved the interesting neckline on the peplum top, so I just tucked in the peplum. This is also an example of how versatile you can make certain pieces in your closet! The top looks great all by itself with skinny jeans and pumps but looks equally as nice when dressed for work. It runs true to size. I am wearing a size small.

My camel coat is one of my wardrobe staples in the winter. I wrote an entire post on the coat, here, and you will also be able to find other camel coats at all different price points in this past post

A big thank you to Jay for spending the afternoon with me! I can't wait to partner with him again to share more of Pittsburgh with you all! 


Unknown said...

That skirt is everything!


Jubilee said...

Both of you should be proud of these photos - Sydney you as always look like a classic knockout! And I love Jay's aesthetic. Congrats!

PS - next time can a burrito bowl get a cameo in the chipotle shot ;P

Lauren said...

I am kind of crushing on that skirt at the moment!


Unknown said...

Such a sleek skirt! Loving the details.

xx Kathryn


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