Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pantone's Color of the Year: Rose Quartz in Coats

rose quartz coats for your wardrobe

Coat (on sale under $100)// Leather Leggings (on sale)

I haven't been a huge fan of Pantone's color choices in the past years, but rose quartz is definitely something I can get behind. It's very similar to blush pink, which is one of my favorite colors to wear! 

blush coat is one of the prettiest things you can add to your wardrobe. While not necessarily as versatile as a black, grey, or camel, blush is surprisingly neutral, making it easy to wear! The coat I am wearing is an absolute steal because it is on sale under $80 (also comes in black or grey)! I will say, the quality isn't the best, but since it's more of a stylish/statement coat (rather than function)! I found a few other blush coats that I love at all different price points. Many of them are also on sale, so definitely worth taking a look! 

The outfit above is another example of what I wear out at night whether on a date or going out with friends. I didn't snap any photos sans coat, but I am wearing a simple cream silk tank underneath! Are you a fan of Pantone's rose quartz shade? I even like the blue hue, serenity, too! 


Anonymous said...

I would look up how to tie a coat belt. I have a similar coat (color and tie) and the man at Bloomingdales taught me one way to tie it so that it doesn't look like you're wearing a bath robe. There's a few different ways and they help the coat look more put together!

Dana said...

Love this! And love all your picks too!

Pink Champagne Problems

Unknown said...

I love that coat! I am obsessed with Rose Quartz and I want everything in my wardrobe to be that color.

xx Emily
Post Grad and Gingham.

Erin said...

Very cute coat!

Her Heartland Soul

Unknown said...

I'm obsessed with this coat! The color is stunning on you.

xx Kathryn

Unknown said...

I have been seeing this beautiful blush shade all over the place and I can understand why - that coat is just gorgeous! Also, you are rockin those leopard shoes, girl.

Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

christina said...

Hi Sydney, may I ask if you purchased a size 2 in the leggings? You and I run about the same size and I received the size 2...they look great on but took a minute getting on (maybe they will stretch a little with wear). I was wondering if I should try a 4 but don't want them to be saggy in the wrong places. Thanks for your help in advance.

Summer Wind said...

Hi Christina! Yes, I am wearing a size 2. They're a little snug when you first wear them, but they stretch out pretty quickly! I haven't ever tried the 4, but since they're so stretchy, you may want to try the 4, I can't imagine they would be too baggy with so much stretch! Hope this helps :)

christina said...

Thanks so much! I don't have a store near me and returning via mail is a pain (no patience whatsoever) so these bad boys are staying with me. Enjoy your evening


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