Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Shopping

Today I thought I would share some of the items I have brought to LA with me. Feel free to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (SummerWind41490)! 

Next, I wanted to tell you all about a new makeup product I didn't even know I needed and now I can't live without. It is Tarte's translucent setting powder. My sister is really into makeup and watching YouTube tutorials, so she always gives me the latest on what she is loving. 

She mentioned she was watching a lot of videos about 'baking' your face. When she said that I was like, 'seriously, Callie, that sounds ridiculous'. Then we watched a few of the videos together and she had me convinced to try it out. 

I had an old sample of the Tarte translucent setting powder but it was loose powder (I hate loose powders because they are sooooo messy). Translucent powder is key when it comes to 'baking'. My sample did the trick, though. 

Anyway, you have to watch a YouTube video on it (this one is really good at explaining/demonstrating). I now swear by this technique. It's definitely a process and a lot of makeup-- or at least much more than I'm used to, so I only do it when I want to look #flawless (aka Friday or Saturday night). 

I've kind of adapted what I do to suit my personal skin needs/makeup habits. I'm thinking about turning my process into a YouTube video! I have mentioned before that I swear by Bare Minerals and Tarte makeup because they are non-comodogenic and don't clog pores. I have super sensitive skin and because of that, I have to be extremely careful in regards to the products I use. Both Tarte and Bare Minerals have never casued any issues for me. 

Moral of this story: get Tarte's translucent setting powder because it literally works miracles. 

Another beauty product I have been loving are Real Techniques brushes, which my sister also recommended. They're so great and less pricey than those at places like Sephora! They make the whole 'baking' technique easy to execute. My favorite brush is this one for contouring! Have you ever tried the 'baking' technique?


Anonymous said...

please do a video on your flawless friday/saturday makeup routine!

Anonymous said...

please do a video on your flawless friday/saturday makeup routine!

Jubilee said...

Def do a video! But try Cover FX next time youre in Sephora. I have sensitive skin too, but bare minerals just wasn't giving me enough coverage as a foundation. I HIGHLY rec this brand!!!

Lauren said...

I really like your eighth pick - that skirt is a dream!



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