Monday, March 7, 2016

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Some of my girlfriends are getting married this year and a few got married last year, so I'm just about to the age where my calendar is starting to fill up with weddings, which is so so so exciting! Who doesn't love celebrating their friends with a big celebration, getting all dressed up, and dancing all night?! 

I also love shopping for wedding and shower gifts. I think it's so much fun to watching the bride open her gifts because I like to see how my friend's tastes play out in their new homes! 

The hardest thing to shop for is for bachelorette parties, though! Whenever it's time to choose lingerie gifts for the bachelorette, I get a little overwhelmed-- because gifting anyone super inappropriate underwear is not exactly easy, plus there are so many options! But, I do think there is a completely tasteful way to go about it! Nordstrom is my go-to because they not only have some risque pieces for those that prefer that look, but they also have some really cute and more modest pieces that are totally fun to give as gifts! Plus, with Nordstrom you can give the gift knowing that if they don't like it, they can return it hassle free! 

One// Two// Three

I've gathered some of my favorite picks above that I think are great, useful, and tasteful. I always give my girlfriends the hanky panky set. They're really the best underwear and make such a cute gift! I think all of these pieces are something that any bride-to-be would be pleased to receive and are appropriate to open in front of anyone that could potentially be in the room! Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own! 


Maureen said...

My go to bachelorette/shower gift for years for both weddings and babies is an LL Bean boat & tote monogrammed w/ either the bride's married initials......or the baby's name in script. It's classic, tasteful and though it doesn't cost a fortune it looks fabulous! But as usual you're full of great ideas too!

miss andrea lee said...

In the past I've given a monogrammed pj set or monogrammed sleep shirt at a bachelorette lingerie shower. Most of my friends are very modest too and they appreciated having something nice to just wear around the house.

Amanda Heurich said...

This is super cute! I have some bachelorette parties this summer, great ideas!

Annie said...

Completely agree. When I was in that phase of life, I only gave Nordstrom bachelorette gifts!


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