Tuesday, March 15, 2016

LA Travel Diary Day 2: Alfred Coffee and Kitchen Melrose Place

Last week, I shared day 1 of my trip to LA and I'm back this week to share part of day 2! Day 2 was my first full day in LA and we really packed it all in. I decided to break Alfred Coffee and Kitchen into its own post since it was seriously the cutest! 

Alfred Coffee and Kitchen Melrose Place

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compartes chocolate los angeles

alfred's coffee inside

compartes chocolate at Alfreds

Alfred's coffee and kitchen almond milk latte

Alfred Coffee and Kitchen is at Melrose Place in Los Angeles and might be the cutest little cafe in the entire world! Besides Melrose, they have a few other locations such as Brentwood! It's very often instagrammed and for good reason! It's two stories and in the basement there is also a Compartes chocolate boutique which is gorgeous! 

My friend Ava and I got our caffeine to-go becuase we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather, not to mention the beautiful setting of Melrose Place. I had never had almond milk before, so I decided to try it out in my iced latte. It was good, but I think I prefer regular milk more. I also got a regular coffee.... it was back up in case I hated the almond milk, ha! 

Alfred's brews Stumptown coffee, which is one of my favorites. If you have never had it, I definitely recommend it. It's based out of Portland, but I always get it when I'm in Manhattan (there's a standalone near Washington Square Park and in the Ace Hotel!). 

Post-Alfred's we were off to Orange County... more on that to come! What are your favorite LA spots?


Alexandra said...

I've found Stumptown in Target and some Whole Foods down here in DC! Try the Califia Farms Cold Brew coffee too - very smooth! And those chocolates are almost too pretty to eat!

Lauren said...

It sounds like you are having such a great time and I love the Instagram pictures you've been posting!



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