Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lately 3/3/16

white roses from fresh market

WOAH. The first 'Lately' post of March. Is it just me or is anyone else in awe as to how fast time is moving? I felt like I was just celebrating New Year's and now we are almost to spring and warm weather! One part of getting older that I don't like is that time constantly seems to speed up. It's like this year is going at warp speed. I wish it would slow down a little!! 

Above is a snap of the white roses I got at Fresh Market two weeks ago. I cannot get over how gorgeous they still are! Usually, my Fresh Market flowers last a week at max, but these are still going strong!!

Club Monaco Jolana Fringe Sweater

Wearing: I've been wearing color lately! Big step for me. Finally with some warmer temps, I've been able to break out some of my favorite pieces for spring Like the gorgeous blush cardigan sweater and blush leather skirt I am wearing in the photo above. I am actually majorly backed up on outfit posts-- I have so many great ones to share with you all, so stay tuned!

Reading: My aunt posted this article on Facebook the other day and I really liked it. It's 25 things the author wished they would have known. It includes little words of wisdom-- and even if you already know them, it is a great reminder!

Pittsburgh-ing: This Audi Commercial features Pittsburgh and it is awesome! The street is actually about 10 minutes from my house which is pretty darn cool!

Eating: I made two recipes that I am in love with and will be sharing soon! The first is butternut squash chow mein and the second is garlic roasted cabbage steaks with onion dijon sauce! They're both super healthy, very low-carb and so delicious. Can't wait to share! I'm also super proud of how comfortable I am becoming in the kitchen with all of this cooking I've been doing!

German Nivea Creme
Loving: German Nivea Creme. I'm really conscious of anything I put on my face because my skin is extremely sensitive. So when my friend Aly told me that the German version of the Nivea Creme is often compared to La Mer products, I thought why not! This tin is super inexpensive, and you can only get it online. There are a few listings on Amazon, but I made sure to order it, here, to make sure I was getting the legitimate product! I usually use Cetaphil which is great, but this stuff works wonders. I've been using it for about a week now and it is so hydrating, not greasy at all, easy to apply, has a pleasant, light scent, and doesn't make me break out! It's extremely thick, so don't be alarmed when you first apply it, you'll get used to it! I use it at night before I go to bed!

Traveling: I am headed to NYC tomorrow for a super quick 48 hour trip with friends from high school! I'm excited to actually go and not have to work at all. It is purely fun! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (SummerWind41490).

Wanting: The ShopBop sale is still going on (through Saturday) and you can read my post about my favorites, here. Also, be sure to scroll above to see some of my other favorites! My spring fever is official and I've started to place my orders ;)

Sale-ing: Canada Goose is on major sale, here, which is amazing because the brand almost never goes on sale. You can use the code CGFB202016 for 20% off, too!

Watching: Ok. My verdict on Fuller House? Not into it. I watched the first few episodes but just can't get through the cheesiness. Speaking of cheesiness, I bought the seasons of Growing Pains (another cheesy one) on Amazon and have been watching non-stop! I used to watch them in syndication when I was in elementary and middle school, and rewatching has been so much fun. I almost feel like I am doing an anthropological study while watching since it was from the late 80's. It's so interesting to see life without computers/cell phones and all of the technology we have today.

Drinking: High Brew Coffee. This is cold brew coffee to-go (it's in a can!). There are a bunch of flavors, but personally, I drink my coffee black so the dairy-free black and bold is my favorite! It's great to have stocked in the fridge for mornings when I am in a big rush or need an extra boost of caffeine! You can find them at your local Target!

YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer (in #2 Vert)

Beauty-ing: Totally just made this category up! I was sent the YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer (in #2 Vert). When I got it, I was excited and opened the cap and the makeup that came out was green. Like a mint green. I was so confused so I turned to YouTube and watched this video. Well, it turns out, 'Color Correcting' is a makeup technique and YSL launched all sorts of colors. The color cancels out another color on your face. So the green actually cancels out redness, which is awesome. So I just apply it like I would concealer over any red blemishes and it completely cancels out the redness. I definitely recommend it!

Listening: Ok first thing's first, I am absolutely obsessed with Foy Vance's newest song, She Burns. I've been playing it non-stop this past week and can't get enough. I turn it up really loud on surround sound speakers and it sounds incredible. So excited for his full album that comes out in May. Ok done gushing. Since it's a new month, I've started March's playlist, here. I've embedded it above, too, so for those who don't have Spotify, you can still play it! It's off to a slow start, but hopefully, I'll add some more within the week or so!

patagonia snap-t and lululemon leggings and new balance sneakers
Pullover (sold out everywhere)// Leggings (best ones EVER)// Sneakers// Sunglasses  (on sale here)

Instagramming: I posted this to Instagram and got so many questions about my pullover! It is Patagonia and I got it for Christmas but seems to be sold out everywhere. It is called the mixed snap-t if you want to search for it on resale sites like ebay! BUT, I have found many similar snap-t styles in case you are interested. I have two other snap-t's that I absolutely love and are closet staples! 


Ellen Borza said...

I loved that Instagram of your snap t pullover. I so wish it was still available. And I have to admit, I love Fuller House. A bunch of my coworkers have been watching it too, so it's fun to talk about it with them. Have a great trip to NYC!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the German Nivea that you posted on both Amazon and Unfortunately, I don't see a product that resembles the tin you posted. Was this a special cream? Thanks so much!

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous, I ordered from the Smallflower site with the exact link in my post-- the tin just came with the little design as a season version (or special edition of some sort), but it's the same as the other tins on the smallflower site! Hope that makes sense!


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