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My Favorite Patagonia Pieces

patagonia fleece staples

Spring is in full swing here in Pittsburgh. While it's been very pleasant lately, it's still chilly in the mornings and at night. Patagonia fleeces have always been a wardrobe staple for me. I can remember being little and my sister and I would be in matching fleeces. From lounging to skiing and everything in between, I am huge Patagonia fan (this post is not sponsored). I thought I'd share some of my favorite pieces with you and explain why I love each piece.

Snap-T Mixed Media (sold out, similar, leggings)
Fit: True to Size (I'm wearing a size small) 

I posted this one on Instagram a while ago and got so many comments/questions/e-mails. I got it for Christmas, and unfortunately, it's sold out (literally everywhere). Although I'd keep your eye out come fall/winter this year, I would hope Patagonia will bring it back. It's a really great snap-t because it's not only cozy but the layers make it more of a coat/jacket. I wore it all winter long with athletic clothes. It has a windproof lining that is so key! Every time I wear it, I get stopped and asked where I got Patagonia, bring it back! They do, however, have a similar style with quilting, but I think the functionality is different form the one I am wearing! 

Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a size small) 

I just recently got the better sweater this winter. I have so many of this style of Patagonia fleece pullovers but needed a black one to go with my ski pants. This is hands down my favorite of the Patagonia pieces that I own. The way it is fitted is perfect for layering as well as slimming. I also love that it's warm and cozy but also thin enough to be the perfect layering pieces for skiing. I couldn't recommend this enough. It's just a great basic to have for everyday life! Not to mention, it comes in a bunch of colorways and also comes in a full zip jacket and full zip vest

Fit: True to Size (I'm wearing a size small) 

There are actually three 'layers' to this jacket. The fuzzy fleece outside, then there's a thin layer that protects against the wind, and finally a mesh lining on the inside. I wore this jacket all throughout my sophomore and junior years of college. It was warm enough to be all I needed for the Virginia winter. It is so well made, you can't even tell that I wore it 24/7 for 2 years straight! Since it's not lined with fleece, it's not as cuddly/cozy, so it's definitely more of a jacket than anything else. It's also bulky since it's so fluffy, so it's not something I would suggest layering for skiing. Nowadays as a post-grad, I wear it with workout clothes or casual jeans for running errands. 

Fit: True to Size (I'm wearing a size small) 

This vest is basically the same as the jacket. This is another piece from college but I still get a ton of wear out of it now. I especially like to wear it under my Barbour jacket for added warmth. I also think this looks great with a plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and bean boots in the fall! Just like the jacket, I've worn this about a billion times and it almost shows no sign of wear-- very well made! Some of the vests come with contrasting pockets like mine and some don't have any, like this version. 

Fit: I am wearing a men's XS, for the women's version, it's true to size, but I like to size up one size for a more relaxed/slouchy fit. 

I have snap-t's in a bevy of colors, prints, and sizes. I actually prefer the way the men's snap-t's fit rather than the women's. They're boxier which makes for an all around cozier fit. The one you see above is super thick and heavy (there is a lightweight option which is a much better option if you are in a warmer climate). I actually can only wear this from around late November through March and then it's far too heavy. It's so thick and bulky that it's actually uncomfortable to layer under jackets... I wear this on its own and it is plenty! I have a lightweight women's version and love that for more year-round wear. This style also comes in a vest! Besides the synchilla version, there is a re-tool version. The re-tool has a kangaroo pouch and the fleece is a different texture. I prefer the synchilla, personally, and don't own any of the re-tool products! 

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The leggings I am wearing are pretty much the best leggings ever. They fit true to size (I'm wearing a size 6 which is my normal size in this brand). I first got them this winter and then have since bought two more pairs because they're that amazing... worth every penny! 

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Dana said...

I LOVE that vest! I was never a big Patagonia fan, but I love the way the vest looks on you!

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