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My Favorite Skincare Products

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I've recently tried some new-to-me skincare products and have been loving them. Not to mention, as I age (ughhhh) I have been paying more attention to skincare and am trying to be very preventative when it comes to fighting off wrinkles (double ughhhh). 

In high school and college, I had perfect skin (no exaggeration there). I rarely ever got even a single zit. It was wonderful. Also, I literally washed my face with soap and water and that was it as far as my 'routine' went. 

As soon as I graduated from college and entered the 'real world', my skin had an absolute fit. It was then that I realized my skin was super sensitive. I started seeing a dermatologist regularly as well as did a complete overhaul and re-evaluation of the makeup products I used. I now use mostly non-comedogenic makeup. I also only use skin care products and things that are made specifically for sensitive skin.

Overall my skin is pretty dry during the winter months and I would say more of a combination in the summer and fall. Not to mention, my face breaks out instantly if I use a product that doesn't agree with my skin. This factor keeps me hesitant to try 'new' products, but all of these products that I am sharing today have been wonderful on my skin. I'm sharing in hopes they are great for you, too! And also in hopes that you'll share your favorite skincare products with me!

I am currently using all of the products highlighted below. I used to use travel sized drugstore items while traveling, but now it has become important to me to travel with these products, too! Especially because my skin is not a fan of flights and I need all the help I can get when I land! While traveling, I have been using this great Barrington Gifts cosmetic case. It's roomy, well-made, and the leather details/monogram make it feel extra special! This is actually how I store these products all the time-- even when I am at home! I think this case would make the perfect high school graduation gift. You can customize the case with any color/pattern you want. I think it'd be great to customize with their college colors and monogram for an extra special gift! 

These have to be one of my favorite products ever. I've tried a lot of eye gels before and none seemed to actually work (I also had several break me out)! I store the bag of gels in my fridge and use them when my eyes are overly puffy. This is usually when I haven't gotten enough sleep or if I am slightly hungover. These patches are cool and easy to apply (you also don't have to store them in your fridge, but I like the added coolness). You let them sit on your eyes and the gels de-puff and lessen your dark circles. I keep them on while doing my hair in the morning. I also keep several in my makeup bag in case of 'emergencies' as well as on a flight/traveling! They truly work and are worth every penny. I will continue to use these for life, I love them that much. They also make these patches for anti-aging. I have them and love them, too!

If you are not familiar with the Skyn Iceland brand, I urge you to check this brand out! The brand is built on the fact that stress is one of the main factors in skin health. When I first went to the dermatologist, I was basically diagnosed with being 'overly stressed'. This came from working a very stressful 60+ hour a week job (this was my first job right out of college, making it even more stressful!) on top of keeping up with my blog and trying to have a social life, too. I was often severely sleep-deprived which only made it all worse. Now that I have grown up more and have grown into a great schedule and groove, I'm much less stressed and get enough sleep (most of the time). 

My friend Aly told me about this gem of a product. It's super inexpensive and often compared to La Mer brand products. If you are unfamiliar with La Mer, it's a cult beauty favorite and unfortunately, super pricey. The key, here, is that the German Nivea cream is the one with the closest ingredients to that of La Mer. I've listed two places that you can get this Nivea Creme (here and here) without going to Germany (although wouldn't that be fun!). 

This creme is super-rich and thick and has a very light, pleasant scent. I put it on at night (a little goes a long way). I especially use it around my eyes and will often put it on very thick and let it sit as a mask for about an hour during the day (about once a week). I used to use Cetaphil, but this product is so much better at hydrating and I love the thick consistency. It has never broken me out, which is the best part! 

I usually use makeup wipes to remove my makeup, but when I have heavy eye makeup and wipes just don't cut it-- or when my face is severely dry, I turn to the Colleen Rothschild Skin Cleansing Balm. The balm is slightly textured so it almost feels like it is exfoliating, but as you rub it all over your face, it kind of turns into an oil! It also takes off all of my makeup and is especially great/gentle around the eye area. I first tried this balm when it came in the Discovery kit that was sent to me a while back. This cleanser was my favorite out of the kit and a product I continue to use. I would use it every day, but since it is so pricey, I reserve it for certain occasions! This mask is another favorite of mine that I discovered from the kit and continue to use! 

I was sent some Trufora products to test out and while I liked all of the products, I absolutely love the triple action exfoliator. Did you know that exfoliating is great for your skin because it removes the dead skin cells from your face making it super clean and radiant? However, if you are using a product where the exfoliators are not perfectly round (have sharp jagged edges) they actually do harm to your skin (can even cause tiny cuts)! This exfoliator is so fine (it feels even finer than sand) and almost feels like a cream. I use it with a washcloth and warm water when my skin is dry and needs to be exfoliated before I apply my makeup, but also wear it as a mask for 15-30 minutes and let the product really sink in. It's amazing and does not irritate my skin at all! 

The best part about the Trufora brand, and a reason I was happy to try out the products are that they are dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, non-irritating, vegan, and they list all of their products clearly on the website

These are part makeup remover wipes, part cleanser. They actually foam when you are wiping them around your face (which is unlike any other makeup wipe I've used before). I keep these in my bedside drawer as well as on-the-go if I am ever too lazy to fully wash my face. They remove makeup and cleanse your skin, so you don't have to worry about not washing your face! 

I had heard so many great things about Glamglow from blogs, magazines, friends, etc. that I was intrigued, but the high price always kept me at bay. I got a sample of it with a Nordstrom order and tried it out. Needless to say, I was hooked. This mask goes on as a dark charcoal mud and as it dries, it turns ash gray. Then there are little dark spots all over your face where the impurities are being removed. I love it and use it once a week. It really makes my face feel wonderful and refreshed! 

I don't really use a makeup primer. I will occasionally use this primer when I put a full face of makeup on for a special occasion, but that's about it. The reason being is because primer contains silicone (dimethicone is the ingredient you need to watch for). Silicone actually clogs your pores-- and while that makes your face look poreless, it also can cause some pretty bad breakouts. 

This primer is silicone-free. You can use it as a primer underneath makeup, which is what I do. But it's also safe enough to apply at night, and the product minimizes your pores over time. I often go makeup-free during the week, so I will sometimes apply this in the morning and go sans makeup all day. I definitely recommend this product for those who also don't use primers! 

I have been using this hand cream since 9th grade. I keep it everywhere-- from my desk drawer to my car to my handbag, I always have a tube of this lying around! It's the best, especially during the winter months. It is super thick with a light scent. For being so thick, it's not greasy at all. I also love giving this as a gift for someone who has everything. You can never have enough of this stuff! 

Probably my favorite product out of everything on this list. Since I struggle with breakouts, I would have NEVER thought to put oil on my face. It just seems so backward. Well, for those of you hesitant like I was, I swear this has entirely transformed my skin. It is THE BEST. I put it on my entire face at night after washing my face. It's super lightweight and doesn't really have much of a scent. I've been using it for weeks and it's made my skin so much clearer and softer. I could not recommend this product more!

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Lauren Carwile said...

thanks for the great information. I also have very sensitive, acne prone skin with new products. Could you tell me what face makeup you use with your skin type?

Angela Duke said...

Love!!! You should check out Beautycounter and their mission. Incredible, high performing products that are safe! Check out Megan Stoke's blog Holy City Chic if you don't already read it. She's done some great posts on Beautycounter and how it compares to products she loved and used to use, like the Colleen Rothschild products! and are great posts/videos--she's fabulous!! You'll love her if you don't already read her stuff. I'd be happy to send you samples if you decide you want to try out some products! My email is if you'd like more info. ;)

Celebrating this Life said...

Most of these products are new to me and I'm glad to hear they work well with sensitive skin! I too fear trying new brands for fear of how my skin will react. I did just add in a few new make up products from Bobbi Brown and I am very happy with the results! No irritation on my skin! Once I turned 20 I decided that I needed to get serious about my skin and focus on keeping it healthy. The two things that I believe have helped me maintain a youthful appearance (many years later) is being hydrated from the inside and SPF. I drink a lot of water throughout the day, and never leave the house without at least an SPF 15 (30 in the summer) on my face. xx Rox-Anne,

Lexy said...

I have found Skyn to be among the best that I've used in awhile! My tried and true moisturizer (I have extremely sensitive skin) is Mario Badescu. Never beaten.

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