Friday, April 22, 2016

Pom Pom Printed Shorts on the Patio

monogrammed champagne flute and pom pom shorts


On Sunday, my parents had my extended family over to celebrate my birthday. In our family, we always get extended family together on the Sunday after a birthday to celebrate-- it's kind of like a tradition and we have been doing it forever. So I popped the bubbly and poured it into my new monogrammed champagne flutes which are the best. I actually dropped one and it didn't break, which is a miracle! Champagne and monograms make the perfect pair in my book! 

Each year, I get to request what kind of cake I get. My aunt Robin is an excellent baker, so sometimes, I'll request her to bake me something. For a few years, she was making me chocolate and banana cream pie. It was increible and the pie literally weighed a ton. Since it was black and yellow in color (chocolate and banana) we nicknamed it 'Yinzer Pie' because Pittsburgh sports teams are black and yellow. 

This year, however, I decided I wanted white cake with white icing from Giant Eagle. This is another very Pittsburgh thing of me to request. Giant Eagle is a major grocery store chain in Pittsburgh and no matter how many bakeries I go to and how many other cakes I taste, I'll always love Giant Eagle's white cake with white icing the most. I always say that for my wedding I want a Giant Eagle sheet cake and everyone laughs thinking I am kidding (but I'm really not joking!!). 

So we celebrated that evening with Giant Eagle cake and since it was so gorgeous, we got to celebrate on the back patio! This was the first time we were able to do so. My parents have the prettiest set up in our backyard. It's two level and the bottom level is where we eat and then there is also a fire pit area. The top level is a lounge area with furniture and a trellace overhead. It's so inviting and relaxing. Hanging out back there is one of my favorite parts of the summer!

It was super casual so I wore these uber comfortable pom pom shorts and a simple tank! I actually didn't realize this when I was ordering them, but they are made from the iconic Catalina cloth. Looking at a photo of them, they look so crisp (kind of like a chino short) and when I got them I couldn't believe how soft and flexible they were! They look like a dressier short, but they feel like you are wearing yoga shorts-- they're a jersey cotton with a touch of spandex. To say that these have been my go-to shorts have been an understatement, they are beyond comfortable. Not to mention the little pom poms are as cute as can be and really set them apart from other printed shorts I have. I think these will be great to have when traveling, too, becuase they don't wrinkle and never require an iron! 

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Dana said...

OMG. Giant Eagle cake is THE best. I had it once for my birthday too!

Pink Champagne Problems

Brianna Rojas said...

Giant Eagle bakery *heart eyes emoji* Love that I understand your Pitsburghese since moving to Western PA!

Kathryn Byers said...

Those shorts are absolutely darling! I love them!!

xx Kathryn


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