Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lately 5/26/16

Drinking: I just got a few bottles of Luc Belaire Rose and Brut from the South of France. I had never heard of the label before and was so excited when they arrived. Both are delicious. The rose looks a lot darker in color than most, but is still light, crisp and refreshing! And the brut is perfectly dry, just like I like it! I definitely recommend it! 

Reading: Did you hear that SCOOP is closing? It was one of my favorite places to shop while on vacation/in NYC! This article from the NYT is a great read. RIP Scoop. 

Wearing: Here's a sneak peek of my outfit that will be in tomorrow's post! It's one of my favorites and the dress is super affordable!

Watching: The trailer for Beauty and the Beast. It looks amazing and stars Emma Watson! It doesn't come out until March 2017 (sigh), but this little teaser will get you so excited! 

Eating: While in Napa, we went to chef Michael Chiarello's restaurant, Bottega, in Yountville. The restaurant is charming and has indoor and outdoor seating. We sat inside since it was quite chilly and enjoyed just about every plate under the sun! We all ordered a bunch of things to start off with and then ordered all different main entrees. Everything was delicious! Above you'll see my bolognese which was good-- but the short rib meatballs were the showstopper of the meal! Also, the parmesan garlic butter they brought out was incredible--I'd even just go back for that! 

Sale-ing: So many sales, so little time! I'll have the full recap up on Saturday, but for right now, I am shopping the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (things like classic Jimmy Choos and Tory Burch sandals are on great discount!). I'm also loving the Ralph Lauren sale! It's an extra 30% off with code MEM30! I especially love these tortoise flats and this navy and white striped tee!

Wanting: Not too much this week. Between traveling and settling back into 'real life', I haven't had much time. However, I plan on fully taking advantage of the holiday sales this weekend (like this sale)!

Loving: Scrub Daddy Sponge (available here and here). This was on Shark Tank years ago. This is the best sponge ever. It's brilliant and works so well (I bought my own sponge/this is not sponsored!). It's a really 'rough' feeling sponge that's shaped in a cute smiley face shape. The sponge feels like it would scratch anything you use it on because it is so rough, but it doesn't scratch anything and scrubs off everything. The best part is that it becomes super soft and flexible when warm and then really firm and 'scratchy' when cold. Not to mention, it holds up so well, you don't need to buy them in bulk. I feel very weird recommending a sponge (#adultlife) but this is the best-- everyone needs one.

Loving II: I saw this app called OnCamera floating around on Facebook and was intrigued to click. It's an app that records the person's face if you are ever in danger... this video explains it a lot better. While I'm not sure if opening an app would be the first thing I would think to open if I was being followed/chased, I think it's a cool concept.  I felt compelled to share because I was actually in somewhat of a sticky situation while I was in San Francisco. I had landed and had some time to kill before I headed to Napa so I stopped at In-N-Out. To get to the actual restaurant, I had to park in a parking garage and walk to the outside of the garage. On my way back I had just paid the parking garage fee and was about to take the elevator up. An unkempt looking man approached me and started getting really close and mumbling things to me that I couldn't fully understand. It made me feel really uncomfortable and uneasy. I was totally alone and no one was around. I jumped into the elevator thinking he'd leave me alone, but he got in with me. At the last second, I jumped out because I felt like he was way too close to me. Sure enough, he jumped out, too. Thankfully, a man came out from the stairs door right next to the elevator and could see I was really uncomfortable. He didn't ask if I was ok, but I could tell he know something was going on. He stood there staring the guy down until I could run up the steps and I peered behind me and saw the 'scary' man walk quickly out of the garage. I then proceeded to call my dad and talked to him until I was safely locked in my car. While nothing at all happened (thankfully), I felt really afraid, so it's great to see that there are people out there creating apps like this (although it's sad we even need these at all!!).

Listening: I gave up on my May playlist and started on June! I am loving it so far! A great start to kick off summer!

Quoting: 'Dress like you are going somewhere better, later.'


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