Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Decorating Update: Throws and Blankets for your Space

Decorating Update: Throws and Blankets for your Space
I am now comfortably moved into my new place! I've been working non-stop to try and make it 'perfect' but I still have a ways to go... As you can see in the above photo, I have absolutely nothing on the walls.... ohhh one day. I'm also still waiting on several pieces of furniture to arrive.... the waiting game is a little annoying, but it gets me so excited for the day when I finally have everything set up! 

I am hosting guests this weekend which reminded me to make sure I had fresh sheets/bedding/etc. for their stay! Which also got me to thinking that I wanted to make sure I had enough throws/blanket on hand, too. There are so many cute ones, it's hard to choose-- but the good thing about blankets and throws is that you can never have enough! 

I thought I'd round up a bunch of my favorites at all different price points. I have a down blanket from The Company Store that I always keep on hand for the winter months. It's so cozy while resting on the couch...but I usually hide it in a closet since it doesn't really add anything to the room. I also have a cashmere throw at the end of my bed that I love to wrap up in on cold mornings. The options are really endless and it's amazing how just changing up pillows or throws in a room can create a totally different vibe! 


Ashley said...

I love all the blankets, but my favorites are the herringbone one and the pom pom one! Thanks for sharing, I love blankets too!


Anonymous said...

Where do you have guests stay? Do you have a 2 bedroom to accommodate guests? That's my dream for my next apartment/house!


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