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Weekend Mornings at Home

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There are few things better than lazy weekend mornings, am I right? One thing I have been loving is all of the guests I have had coming and going from my new place! I just love hosting people. Whether it's a few minutes or a few days, friends and family are always welcome!

My sister, Callie, often comes over on the weekends and will usually sleep over after a night of going out! The next morning we are usually pretty lazy and lounge around in our PJ's, watch Netflix, and make a big breakfast (our favorite is Friends!)

We took some photos last time and even made a quick video! Oh, and if you are wondering about my hair, it's almost always curled when I wake up! Usually, I curl my hair at night, so my 'ringlet' curls soften and become waves as I sleep! I actually prefer doing my hair this way because I think that's when it turns out looking the best rather than just blow-drying and curling right away. It's a great trick for those of you who have hair that holds a curl really well.

Callie and I both love coffee and we both drink our coffee/espresso black. I always have and Callie's just started to do so (it's so much healthier without cream/sugar!). The Nespresso is my favorite because Callie and I have different tastes in coffee. I like a super strong, bold blend, and Callie usually sticks to something a little milder. This way, we can both brew our own pods and make our coffee just as we like it.

I had a Nespresso at home, but the VertuoLine is what I just got and I love it even more because it brews both espresso and coffee! Nespresso just launched two new coffee blends: giornio and solelio and I was sent the new blends to try out! They're perfect for weekend mornings when you don't need a major jolt because they're soft and easy to drink.

I also love my Nespresso because I really love to brew a cup of decaf at night-- it's cozy, delicious, and especially great after a big meal! On the weekends, I like to add foamed milk to the top! It's a nice little treat and is especially cozy during the colder months (foamed milk with hot chocolate and a shot of espresso is amazing, too!).

Instead of our usual Netflix, we opted for books because I got Callie hooked on Me Before You and I can't put down The After Party! I am almost finished and definitely recommend it. It's a great, quick beach read! After we finished up our coffee and breakfast, we were off to lay by the pool... needless to say, it was a rough Saturday ;). Is it the weekend yet?!

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Alexandra said...

Jealous of the vertuo line now I want to upgrade! Also - what kind of a camera do you use to shoot your videos?

Maria Larsen said...

I was obsessed with Me Before You and I'm so close to finishing it, but I just don't want to yet. Though I do want to finish it before I go see the movie! I'll have to pick up The After Party next!
From the South

Laura Cronin said...

Your new apartment looks so nice and comfy!

Laura | Laura Aime Vous

Anonymous said...

Actually you are wrong about black coffee. It is very acidic and putting in some milk makes it a lot easier on one's stomach. You're on Atkins right? So a little half and half would be all right, too.

Maria Abad said...

The apartment looks lovely! It's so funny that I'm having a croissant for lunch, I didn't have time to make lunch yesterday so I had to improvise this morning when I overslept and was late for the office. Have a great week!
MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

Ashley said...

I absolutely love your hair! I have never tried curling it before I go to bed, but now I might have to. It looks like you and your sister have so much fun together!


Summer Wind said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for the coffee suggestion! I have no issues with black coffee and my stomach! I prefer my coffee without anything in it, not only is it only around 5 calories but I just love the taste of coffee and don't like milk at all! Also, I am not doing an Atkins diet, I don't really follow any diet plans but try to stay low carb during the week if possible! But I'll remember the milk suggestion should I ever have any issues :)

Angela Duke said...

You just sent me into a major black hole of stalking all of the Rosanna products at Nordstrom. Oh my gosh!!!! Love!! And I just pulled out my Nespresso last week—bummed they don't make the regular coffee pods for the older one, so I might have to get the new one! Me Before You was THE BEST!!! The movie was so good, too! I read the sequel, After You, despite some people saying it ruined the first. I don't think it did, so definitely check that out if you haven't. Not as good as Me Before You, but it provides some closure.

Anonymous said...

Coffee is not healthy. Cream or no cream, sugar or no sugar, it's just not a good choice. Go for water or a natural, 100% fruit drink instead. Treat your body right! And keep in mind, calories and carbs are NOT the enemy! The brain runs on carbs. Don't deprive yourself of natural, healthy carbs that give you energy. So many people are under-carbed and that's why they reach for the caffeine. Don't do that to yourself!

Summer Wind said...

Hi Anonymous,

Actually, coffee has many amazing health benefits! Just do a quick google search and you'll find tons of studies are articles that show the benefits! I will always be a coffee drinker :) everything in moderation is my motto!

Be careful with the 100% fruit juices. They are high in sugar and you lose the fiber and other vitamins and minerals that whole fruit provides! Many doctors and nutritionists actually suggest eliminating fruit juices from your diet entirely and instead eat whole fruit.

I eat a very healthy, balanced diet, but thanks so much for sharing your tips :)

Kerri GirlWithALatte said...

I love my nespresso machine! It's probably my favorite kitchen "appliance", if you will. I have the Lattissima, and love the options. Weekend mornings are the best!

Anonymous said...

So loved The After Party! Thanks for the summer reading tips. As a teacher, nothing sets the summer off better than a quick & juicy read to point my mind in the right direction. Up next - The Assistants and a quick espresso. :) - KLV in PHL

Amanda said...

Please do a home tour post :) would love to see how it turned out!


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