Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Best Skincare Products on Amazon Prime

I've recently developed and obsession/interest in skincare products. I think it's the influence of some of my friends who also follow all of the skincare brands and trends (cough, Aly and Danielle, cough!!!) but also just the fact that I am aging (ick) and trying to take really good care of myself. In fact, last night, I had a couple girlfriends over and we tried out some skincare products while we watched the Bachelorette (like this face cleanser which is amazing)!

I've found a bunch of products that I absolutely love and some I am dying to try. I'll do a full nightly skin care routine in the coming weeks, but for now, since it is Prime Day on Amazon, I thought I'd share some of my favorites since many are part of the sale! Sidenote: Harry Potter is on sale.. yes!!! I'd love to hear what you are loving, too!

Skyn Eye Gels// I always have a pack of these in my fridge. They work miracles when you are super tired and your eyes need a major lift! 

La Source Hand Cream// One of the best scents ever. I grew up with a Crabtree about 5 minutes away from me, so this scent has literally grown up with me. The formula is super thick and it's a little oily, but great during the winter when you need something super thick. I buy these little tubes in bulk because they are inexpensive and give them as gifts.

Glycolic Acid Toner// This is hands down one of my all-time favorite products. It's so gentle yet so powerful at the same time. I use this nightly after washing my face.

Black Peppercorn Body Wash// This is one of my favorite scents ever. I rotate through about 5-6 different body washes per year and this is one of them. Molton Brown also makes an incredible hand soap that's so fresh smelling!

Whitening Mask// I love a good mask. I have never tried this, but 'whitening' products are a big trend right now. They are made to get rid of discoloration/age spots/acne scars. My friend Aly just got Khiel's version and is loving it, but I may try this one since it's one of my favorite skincare brands! I've also heard taking a cotton pad and dipping it in lemon juice can work the same way as these types of products-- I may try it out! 

SPF 50 Lipgloss// I never knew I needed this until now. It's lip gloss that goes over your lip color to seal your color while adding a layer of SPF 50. Brilliant. This is going to replace my standard Blistex immediately! 

Skyn Pure Cloud Cream// This is the best face cream EVER. My friends tried it out last night when they were over and they loved it as well. It's so light but also super moisturizing. The texture is not greasy at all and leaves my face feeling refreshed. I use it morning and night.

Color Balm// So not necessarily a skincare product, but I about jumped for joy when I saw this product available. I got a small sample-size of this in Vivienne years ago and it was discontinued. I loved this color and am SO happy to have found it. It's such an easy to wear, everyday color that you can apply without a mirror. 

Shiseido Face Wash// My friend Dani brought this over for us to try last night and needless to say, I am ordering a tube for myself. It smells SO good and feels so refreshing. 

Micellar Water// I have the Garnier brand which I like. It seems like nothing special to me, but I have heard some brands do it a lot better than others. I swear by La Roche Posay for sunscreen, so I am thinking this could be a great pick!

Buffering Lotion// I swear by this brand. Everything I have ever tried, I have loved, not to mention it's a lot more affordable than a most other skincare brands. It's supposed to reduce cystic acne, but I just put it on any zit/blemish at night and in the morning it virtually disappears. You can also wear it under makeup!

Dry Oil// I have read so many articles praising this dry oil. Even all of the Amazon reviews are positive. It's French, so it automatically gets a leg up from me, but really I'm itching to try this!

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