Friday, October 21, 2016

An Outfit Post with Mom

What My Mom is Wearing:
Leggings// Booties// Louis Vuitton Favorite MM

What I am Wearing:
Bow Flats (old Manolos, similar, similar)// LV Speedy 30
Today is an extra fun day because it is my mom's birthday! I thought it would be fun to do a post with her to celebrate. I already shared all about my dad for Father's Day, here, so it's Mom's turn! It's a long one today, so I hope you'll stick around to the end!

To say that my mom is my best friend is an understatement. Not only is she my best friend, but I'm pretty sure she is a saint, too. This post was tough for me to write because words aren't enough to illustrate how much I appreciate her. She is my biggest cheerleader and supporter and for that alone, I cannot thank her enough. She's also the best mother to both my sister and me, a loving wife and an amazing friend to those who are lucky enough to know her.

Just a few months ago, we were talking about how children go into 'that phase of life' where they are embarrassed of their parents. I can proudly say (and my mom said it, not me!) that I was never like that. I was always so happy to have her around. I would request her to be the parent chaperone on field trips, have her drive my friends and me to the movies, friends houses, etc., and always volunteered her to do things. Although she didn't always love that (haha!). One time, I volunteered her to make crepes for my entire French class and I told her at 8pm the night before (sorry about that)... but she still did it with a smile on her face! But I did all of that because I am so proud of her.

Besides being a truly beautiful, selfless person on the inside she's gorgeous on the outside, too! Whenever we are out together, people always say we are more like sisters. I hope I inherited her genes in the aging department, that's for sure!

One of my absolute favorite memories with my mom when we were growing up was that she would buy my sister and I matching Christmas dresses. She would even get us our own purses (one year we had plaid scottie dog-shaped bags and one year, glittery Christmas trees!). We would get all dressed up one Friday and go downtown to Macy's (it's no longer there!). We'd take a photo with santa and then she would take us to this little shop where an 'elf' would shop with us to help us pick out surprises for our parents! Then, we would meet up with my dad after work and look at the holiday windows/decor around downtown and cap the night off with a fun dinner.

Another favorite memory is getting ready for dance recitals with my mom. It was before I wore makeup, so my mom would do my hair and makeup. I remember being mesmerized by the products (and being terrified of mascara). She would always make me feel so beautiful and glamorous! 

My mom is a phenomenal Italian cook (her homemade pasta sauce is my favorite). She loves pop music and even knows the new songs before Callie and I do. My mom also loves to dance (and often, she is the life of the party)! She loves anything that sparkles (ahem, jewelry), she loves our dog, Mac, she appreciates art-- painting, pottery, you name it! My mom is active and enjoys golfing, skiing, ice skating, and lounging by the pool. She's very into puzzles and games (the old fashion kind and things like sudoko....this, I did not inherit from her!) and is also a voracious reader. 

We share a love for makeup (seriously this woman is a junkie!), classic style, good champagne, high heels, pearls, Frank Sinatra, Instagram and Snapchat (she loves Snapchat!!). We also share the same guilty pleasure: Taco Bell. She taught me the importance of being  gracious and kind. She pushes me to work hard and has taught me to be the best version of myself. I know I wouldn't be who I was today without her.

Another thing we have in common (and really all the Carver women in the family) is that we love Talbots. I grew up wearing Talbots Kids and then eventually worked there in high school! My Grammy and aunt and mom have always worn Talbots and they passed that on to my sister and I. Talbots was amazing and let us come into the store and pick out outfits together.

I chose my mom's outfit and she chose mine. It's fun to style my mom because we have very different coloring (I look like my dad, my sister like my mom). The colors that I typically stray from are what look great on my mom. So it was fun to pick out this colorful gingham shirt-- something I may not have chosen for myself but looks perfect on her! I chose these pretty leggings/riding pants for her, too, because she has such a great figure and I am always telling her to show it off! They're a really thick material, so I knew she would feel comfortable wearing them. And the sweater? I am going to have to borrow it from her because it' stunning with the shawl collar-- not to mention sooooo soft.

My mom chose this gorgeous cashmere sweater for me to wear. First and foremost, she knows that I love anything neutral and this is a great light camel color that pairs nicely with both black, brown, and navy blue. I don't usually choose skirts for myself, but my mom had me try on this olive wool skirt and it paired so nicely with the sweater! For sizing references, I am wearing a small sweater and a size 2 in the skirt!

A big thanks to my mom for being such a good sport and letting me feature her and to Talbots for our mother-daughter outfits!


Sarah Gouin said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I did inform my son that if he ever wants crepes made for his French class to let me know at least the day before!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! Y'all both look fantastic!!!

Something Delightful by Rachel Timmerman said...

This is s sweet, Sydney!! Absolutely love this post. You guys remind me of me and my Mama. I love seeing others whose mom is their best friend too. And if you have a daughter one day, oh my goodness just wait!! Y'all will become a trio. My mom and I refer to us as the "three M's" (she's Mimi, I'm Mama, and my daughter is Madeline) 😊 Have a great weekend, girl!

Anonymous said...

I love this post (and the Father's Day post you referenced). Your parents seem like amazing people and its adorable how proud you are of them.

Beth B. said...

I absolutely love this precious post!

Haley A. said...

I absolutely love this post!! I think my favorites to date have been this one and then the one about your dad for Fathers Day. Your family sounds so special! :)

Girl Meets Bow said...

This is such a sweet post! How fun that you and your mom are so close & that you were able to capture your relationship in these adorable photos!

N. said...

You both look fantastic!! And I loved to read your heartfelt words! I feel similar with my mom - they are just the best :)

Erica said...

You guys looks amazing!!

Lauren said...

Love this post and both you and your mom's outfit!


Just Jess said...

I love this post! Your Mom is gorgeous and your offits pair perfectly. I feel very similar to my Mom. She is the best and it's hard to describe how much she means to me and is also a big sudoko fan. Jess at Just Jess ps. Taco Bell is a great guilty pleasure.

Unknown said...

How cute! She has such great style.

xx Kathryn


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