Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Coach's Comeback

coach bucket bag

One of the best and most exciting gifts I ever received was a Coach bag. I remember it like it was yesterday. My aunt and uncle sent it to me for Christmas and I was SO surprised. It was my first 'designer' handbag. It was as classic as could be. All black leather, with no profound logos, and big enough to fit all my glitter lip glosses at the time (haha). I still have that bag to this day. It's in great shape and a classic that never really goes in or out of style. 

Then, there was a period of time, I was in high school and college where I would not have been seen with Coach anything. I think it was Coach's dark years where they plastered the repetitive 'C' all over everything. But in the past few years, I think Coach has made a strong comeback.

I first started to take notice when they came out with their archival collection in 2012. I got the classic brown leather bucket bag (pictured above, similar here) and still use it often to this day. High-quality leather is something that Coach was known for and I love that they have brought it back. The classic leather handbags give me flashbacks to the 1980's Preppy Handbook-type style and it warms my heart (not to sound too dramatic). 
In fact, in the past several years, I have been a big fan of their shoes. They are so well made, the quality is impeccable and the comfort is the best. Not to mention, the price isn't too steep and they often go on sale. You can scroll through the widget above to see some of my current favorites. I am really eyeing this pair of black leather booties: simple and classic with the perfect heel height.
Other than the shoes, I am loving that they have brought back the Dinky bag. It's a design from the1970's but you'd never know. It's truly a timeless piece. It's pieces like this that I don't mind spending a little more than usual because they don't really go in or out of style. I also love the way they've adapted it in some of the colors/textures (this one looks like a work of art!)... it would definitely work with someone's style who is looking for something trendier than usual.

And last but not least, we can't forget about the men! I actually love Coach's things for men... even for myself! The selection is usually in very neutral shades of black and brown and are rid of any logos, which is always what I gravitate towards in terms of leather goods. I've actually been eyeing this men's backpack for myself for a while now. I find it truly stunning and a great classic that you would have for a lifetime... speaking of classics, this leather duffle is what dreams are made of, right? I'd love to hear what you are thinking of Coach's comeback! Are you a fan?


Ashley said...

I love finding the vintage leather bags at thrift stores. They are classic and still look fantastic!

Lauren said...

I really like that tassel detail!



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