Friday, October 7, 2016

The Best Monogrammed Necklace

One of my all-time favorite pieces of jewelry is my monogrammed necklace from Moon and Lola. There's something so simple and personalized about it. I love pieces that you can wear every day and this is definitely one of those pieces.

While the necklace is simple, it still packs a punch that oftentimes, an outfit needs! For example, the outfit above is neutral and very simple, but when I added the monogrammed necklace, it gave it a hint of sparkle that it needed! My necklace is gold filled, medium size, with a 16" chain.

Moon and Lola has so many amazing pieces right now and is definitely one of my go-to sites for holiday shopping. Not only do they have amazing personalized pieces but they have fun custom pieces, too, that you can create at their 'charm bar'.  I also love love love that they have monogrammed ornaments. Talk about a fun gift to give to a newly married couple!

Besides personalized pieces, they also have an identical necklace to my bezel set solitaire diamond necklace for under $60! They offer it in silver and gold. A big thank you to Moon and Lola for sponsoring this post!

My Moon and Lola Favorites: 


Ashley said...

I love how petite but how cute that necklace is! It is the perfect balance!

Ashley //

Christy said...

I'm starting to feel like I'm at a little bit of a "cross roads" with monograms. I have a few years on you (28), but I'm growing less comfortable wearing my monogrammed jewelry/accessories, both socially and professionally. I'll never let go of monogrammed stationery, towels, sheets, etc. but there is a part of me that has started to find wearing a monogram a bit too youthful- I wish I knew why this was! Any thoughts on this? I will say, this started around the same time I started to find some Lilly P. pieces too youthful for me as well :(

kristy said...

The link you provided for your whie tank, leads me to a pair of aviator sunglasses

Lauren said...



Kathryn Byers said...

Such a beautiful delicate piece of jewelry! Love it, girl.

xx Kathryn

mindasyaheed said...

wow, it looks so great on you. Did you get it from


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