Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Two Outfits, One Bag + Sweater

Two Wardrobe Basics:
Today I am sharing two very different outfits that feature two of the same pieces: A cashmere cableknit and a monogrammed tote from Barrington Gifts! I wanted to illustrate how you can take wardrobe basics and incorporate them into very different looks with a few simple tweaks!

In this case, the first outfit is more of a wear-to-work look. The full post of this look will be up on Friday, but I wanted to share these shots today because it shows how I incorporated my cashmere cable knit sweater and monogrammed tote in a more formal way. 

I love love love the St. Anne tote as an everyday bag/work bag. It's the perfect size because it is big enough to fit all of my essentials such as my computer, a water bottle, snacks, etc. and has several pockets as well as a larger zippered pocket inside. But I also love that it's not oversized so that it really can be used as a handbag, not just for traveling! The fall prints are always on point and this year is no different. I chose the herringbone pattern with a black/tan stripe. It's neutral, but the print is very fall-appropriate! 

Two Wardrobe Basics:
Vest: Here// Here// Similar// Similar

This look is one of my favorites because it is so casual and so easy. Another reason that it is my favorite? It's because I'm pictured in one of my favorite spots. Just like New York has Citi bikes, Pittsburgh has its own version of bike sharing. For me, it's beyond convenient because there's a station right outside of my building! Also super convenient? The Riverwalk is 2 blocks away.

If you are unfamiliar, Pittsburgh has three rivers and if you look at a map, downtown Pittsburgh comes to a literal point where the two rivers meet to form the third. The riverwalk trail is a walking/biking trail that goes along both sides of the river banks. This makes it convenient to get from point A to B by walking/running/biking and it's also so picturesque. 

This night also happened to be pure perfection. If I could bottle that weather/sunset up and revisit it every day, I would. The temperature was cool (no humidity), the sun was setting so beautifully, and a Pirate game was about to start at PNC park (so people were out everywhere!). We took it as an excuse to get out and get moving to enjoy the fall weather as well as bike to Nicky's Thai Kitchen for dinner! 

For this outfit, I wore full athleisure clothing. It was still too warm for a heavy Patagonia pullover,
but I still needed something to keep me warmer than just a t-shirt. So this cashmere cable-knit and vest combo did the trick. I actually started out without the vest and just had it in my St. Anne tote, but ended up needing it towards the end of the ride. The St. Anne tote was also a lifesaver because we picked up our Thai food and were able to put it in the tote to bike it back home! All in all, it was one of those nights where I kept thinking 'my goodness do I love this city'.


Ashley said...

Wow, I love how different the two outfits are! So cute!

Ashley //

Malu Swartjes said...

Yay such a lovely look! :)
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Mollie said...

I love these looks, especially the casual one! That cable knit looks so cozy!


Lauren said...

Definitely need to invest in one of those totes!


Anonymous said...

you are just the best representative for Pittsburgh - truly beautiful, livable, vibrant,lovely and highly underrated city....


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