Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lately 11/10/2016

Holiday-ing: I just added this category in this week! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite plaid shoes! There are so many good ones out right now, it's hard to just choose one! 

Sweater (under $100)// Corduroys

Wearing: I wore this outfit multiple times this week! It's cozy but wasn't overly 'heavy' for the mild Georgia weather.

Smelling: I have always loved this perfume. I got a sample in a package the other day and it reminded me just how much I love it! It's definitely a great scent to gift someone during the holidays. It's a classic and definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Pittsburgh-ing: I saw an ad for this somewhere and am so intrigued. Wow Air (I had never heard of it before) will be operating out of Pittsburgh starting in June and it offers really inexpensive flights to other countries! It's also starting to do a $99 Iceland flight. Wow is right!
Wanting: I just ordered this lip color in 'boy'. My friend Kim had it while I was in Atlanta and let me try it and it's the perfect neutral color that you can put on daily without a mirror! Also, I'm DYING over these plaid shoes. I mean they're seriously PERFECT.

Sale-ing: You guys, this amazing pullover keeps going down in price! It's now on sale for under $30! At that price, it's a no-brainer! I've been getting a lot of questions about the fit, it's true to size, but if you are between sizes, I would size up (I think most of their things run a little on the smaller side in general)!

Loving: I'm being proactive this year and asking for your help! Last year, on Giving Tuesday, I created a list of things you can do to help those in need. I want to do the same this year, however, I would love to include the charities that are near and dear to your hearts so that others can know about them! My post is usually Pittsburgh-centric, and I am going to try and keep it that way (for the most part) however, I'm happy to feature others, too!

Feel free to send any info you have to (the more info/details, the better). Please make the subject 'Giving Tuesday' so I make sure to categorize it correctly! I'm going to try and include everyone's charities that they send! I think giving back is the best thing you can do and especially during this time of year! 

garlic rosemary smashed roasted potatoes recipe
Potatoes pre-oven
Eating: Last week, I made honey dijon salmon, brussel sprouts, green beans, a huge salad and garlic smashed potatoes for dinner. I knew I was going to be traveling so I kind of wanted to cook anything fresh I had in my fridge so it didn't go to waste. The garlic smashed potatoes were SO good and incredibly easy. I followed this recipe and only modified it by using roasted garlic (instead of fresh) and then also added fresh rosemary sprigs as well as the thyme it called for. Great for a crowd but also easy enough to make just a few for yourself.

block house brewery pumpkin ale
Drinking: I went for drinks and dinner with friends the other weekend and one of the guys ordered this Block House Brewing Pumpkin Ale. I really don't like any type of beer. I'll have one every once in a while, but this was actually delicious and I'd definitely order it myself!

Quoting: 'Always keep your love life, bank account, and next move private.' // See more of my favorites, here.


Just Jess said...

Those potatoes look amazing and I am lovign all of the plaid shoe picks. My company encourages giving in the month of October and I pledged a portion of next years paycheck to a couple of local charities including a literacy organization. Jess at Just Jess

Casey said...

I have a pair of red p laid ballet flats that I love but don't wear very much because I need a wide width and they only came in medium width. Still, I can't bring myself to get rid of them. I do occasionally wear them and suffer with the pain.

Belle On Trend said...

omg, those plaid scalloped J.Crew shoes!!! to die for.


Lauren said...

I wish all of those plaid shoes would magically appear in my closet! Love the sweater you are wearing and the new direction Abercrombie is taking their brand in!


Social Dearest said...

I can't wait to try that recipe. Thanks for posting!! xx

Unknown said...

Love this roundup! Your dinner recipe sounds amazing. Definitely going to try that out!

xx Kathryn


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