Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Best Dresses for the Holiday Season

The Best Dresses for the Holiday Season
Backless Gown (runs big, size down)

It is certainly no secret that I am dress obsessed. If I could wear a dress every single day, I would. But unfortunately, it's just not practical.... and if I walked into Starbucks at 7:30am on a Tuesday in a gown, I'm pretty sure I'd get a lot of puzzled looks, ha! 

BUT! Luckily, around the holiday season, not only is it OK to be dressed up, but it's welcomed! No wonder it's the most wonderful time of year! If you are looking for some great party dress ideas, look no further. I've scoured all of my favorite retailers and chosen all of my personal favorites. I mean if they all magically appeared in my closet, I would not be mad! 

My tip for getting ready for a cocktail party or formal affair is to have a dress or outfit 2 weeks in advance so that way, if any alterations need to be made, you have time. I also suggest trying the dress on and seeing what needs to be worn underneath (I'll cover this on Monday!)... with backless dresses, sheer dresses, and ones with cutouts, it can be hard to find things that work underneath your outfit!

Black Tie:

I've also updated the widgets on the right sidebar with dresses so you can easily find them as this post gets archived! There are some in the widget that didn't make this post, so be sure to check it out! 


Katie M said...

These dresses are all so pretty! I seriously love them all!


Belle On Trend said...

Those emerald dresses are the prettiest color! I love them!


Lauren said...

All of these dresses are so beautiful!



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