Monday, November 21, 2016

What to Wear to a Work Holiday Party

What to Wear to a Work Holiday Party

Chanel Bag (similar)// Cable Bracelet 

I think 'these days' anyone telling you what to wear to work is almost too subjective. While some offices are so casual you can wear sneakers or ripped jeans, others require you in a skirt suit every day. Some jobs are in the fashion industry and welcome 'out of the norm' pieces and some jobs may require you to wear some sort of uniform like scrubs. I think it even comes down to the industry and city you live in.

However, I think I found the perfect mix of put-together, classic but still fashionable, and neutral but still 'holiday-esque' for a work holiday party. This outfit is conservative, but still flattering and gorgeous. The exact pieces I am wearing are available online, but you can also easily re-create this look with things you may already have in your closet. 
This midi-skirt is conservative but the waist gives it shape. It's been updated in this fun silver metallic fabric and has pleats which provide structure but still offers elegant movement if you were to twirl (which-- it is hard not to in this!!). You could really pair this skirt with any type of top that has the ability to be tucked in, but outside of work, you could tie up a top or rock a crop top for a more youthful look! The sizing is weird in this skirt. While I'd typically wear a size 2 in this style of skirt, I'm in a size 6. You'll definitely want to follow the size chart/sizing conversions for this. I've also found some other pleated skirt options at different price points and colors, too!
The lace top I am wearing is definitely worth noting, not only because I just love the lace and the neckline, but because the fabric is so unique. It's 'stretchy' silk. Usually, in my opinion, silk is gorgeous but delicate and, because of that, I find it hard to wear in certain situations. This top has 5% lycra in it so while it still has the luxe drapiness that silk offers, the added stretch makes it much more wearable in everyday situations. Since lace is so popular this season, I've also included some other similar tops at different price points that would look great with a pleated midi! 


Lauren said...

Love that gold skirt!


Alexandra said...

This is such a great and helpful post! Thank you so much!

Katie M said...

This outfit is so pretty, Sydney! Love it!



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