Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lately 12/8/16: Vineyard Vines Pittsburgh

Grand Opening at Vineyard Vines Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh PA
Wearing: Last night, I popped into the grand opening of the Vineyard Vines store at Ross Park. I am so excited we have a store now! The party was so much fun and the best part was definitely getting to meet Shep and Ian-- the guys who started it all; so cool and very inspirational! I loved that they had so many Vineyard Vines 'Pittsburgh' items. I have added the 'Pittsburgh' Shep Shirt to the top of my Christmas wishlist, that's for sure. Oh, and did you know that they have CHAMPAGNE pajamas?! I saw them in the store and they are too cute! I wore this adorable festive plaid shift with a great ruffled neckline. It would certainly make for a wonderful Christmas dress! It runs true to size, I am wearing a size 2!

Watching: Brooklyn. This movie was amazing and a must see for anyone and everyone (it's free if you have HBO). It's a love story between and Irish and Italian immigrant, but it's not your conventional chick flick/love story. It's beautifully filmed and the storyline is touching and really gives you a look into 1950's Brooklyn and Ireland. My absolute favorite part is shortly into the movie when a man sings an acapella Irish song called Casadh an Tsúgáin. It's so beautiful I got tears in my eyes. I did some research and the man that sings it is Iarla O Lionaird, he recorded his album version of the song, here (the acapella version is the best, though, in my opinion).

Watching: Also-- can we talk about the finale of Westworld and the last episode of This Is Us?! Both were nuts in their own ways. I hardly ever watch TV, but these two series are just SO good. Does anyone have any recommendations now that I'm finished with these?!

Giving: Make sure you are following me on Instagram (@SummerWind41490)-- I have a very fun giveaway planned for Saturday with two of my favorite brands!

Loving: I do a ton of online shopping and with that, comes a lot of disappointment when things arrive and they're not as great as you had hoped. However, I've been absolutely loving everything lately! Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites-- namely this cozy sweater which I had low expectations for. Not only is it adorable and cozy, but the quality for the price is great!

Wanting: When someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I can never think of anything. I mean, in reality, I have everything I could ever want and need. But I have been realllllllly eyeing this cream.

Gifting: I just checked, and one of my favorite curling irons of all time is currently available on Amazon prime for under $13. It would make a great gift/stocking stuffer for anyone and everyone. Also, another random Amazon gift that makes for a great stocking stuffer are these sponges that I swear by! I seriously give one of these to everyone I know because they're so great!

Pittsburgh-ing: I ate at two new restaurants this past weekend. New places are popping up so quickly, I can barely keep up! I ate at DiAnoia's on Friday night. It's located on Penn Ave. in the Strip District. It was wonderful. Authentic, homemade Italian dishes from pastas to meats and everything in between. We had a great carafe of their homemade wine which was good, too. I want to go back to try some of the appetizers/starters because we didn't try any of those. The gnocchi was my favorite dish. There were 4 of us so we got 4 dishes and shared all of them, which is the way to do it! Great spot for friends and family but also great for date night, too... it's going to give Girasole a run for their money!
Reading: My sweet friend, Francene sent me these three books by Ashley Farley! I just started Her Sister's Shoes and am loving it so far! Definitely check them out if you are looking for new reads!

Quoting: I think I may have shared this a few years ago, but it's very appropriate for right now. I absolutely love it. The last sentence could not be truer.


Dana said...

I love this Lately post, Sydney! I just got La Mer creme and it's actually life changing - I feel such a difference in my skin already!

Pink Champagne Problems

Kayla Pelletier said...

That Christmas scene in Brooklyn gets to me... one of the extras looks like my late grandpa who also immigrated from Ireland around the same time and touched me as I go through the process of immigrating to the us! Such a fantastic movie!! If you're stuck on what to ask for, I always ask for candles and socks. You can always use a refresh on socks and candles are always great to restock especially with the great bath and body works deals this time of year!

Lauren said...

A Vineyard Vines store opened in Nashville about 5 or 6 years ago and it is so fun having a store nearby! Love the letter at the end of this post!


Kathryn Byers said...

What a cool experience getting to meet the ones who started it all at Vineyard Vines! Happy, happy holidays :)

xx Kathryn


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