Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Little Things in Life Part III

The few minutes after you blow out a candle and the scent is the best. 

The first few notes of the band playing at a wedding or concert. 

The golden hour. 

Someone telling you you're beautiful. 

Hot soup on a snowy day.

The good point in a book when you can't put it down.

Seeing your dog's sweet face through the window as you're coming home.

Frank Sinatra's voice. 

Warm sun coming through the car window on a frigid day.

Friends re-runs.

Christmas Eve mass.

When your hair blows in the wind and you catch how good it smells.

When your song comes on and you and your friends belt it out together. 

Letting someone know how much they mean to you. 

Men in tuxes.

Acoustic music on really good speakers. 

A movie or show that's so good, you don't check your phone during it.

Extra marshmallows in your hot chocolate.

Wearing a little black dress and pearls.

A song that brings you to tears.

The intro to your favorite show.

The warm glow of Christmas lights.

When a guy gives you his coat.

Pajamas all day.

Surprise flower delivery.

When your plane takes off and everything appears increasingly smaller out of the window.

The last few seconds of 'happy birthday' being sung, right before the candles are blown out.

When you're up high, whether in a building or on a mountain and can see for miles. 

Learning something new. 

Jumping into the water for the first time on a hot day. 

Being so tired that you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

The lights being left on, waiting for you to get home. 

When your coffee is the perfect temperature.

Fog at dawn hiding the tops of buildings.

Hearing the ice cream truck off in the distance and children rushing to it. 

Breakfast in bed. 

An Arnold Palmer on the golf course. 

Warm chocolate chip cookies.

Free samples at Costco. 

Watching home movies with your family and cracking up.

The crackling of a fireplace.

Red lipstick.

Room service. 

Seat heaters.

Paying for a random person's coffee. 

The smell of fresh pine.

Receiving a genuine and thoughtful compliment. 

The sound of clinking dishes when cleaning up after a dinner party.

When you're waking up but not fully awake yet.

The resonance of a piano in a grand hall.

Cashmere blankets.

The first Christmas movie of the season. 


Sunny said...

Yes to all of this! Reading this post made me genuinely smile and feel grateful this morning. Thanks!

Sunny said...

Yes to all of this. Reading this post this morning made me genuinely smile and feel grateful today! Thanks!

Lanie W. said...

Hi Sydney,

I've read your blog for years now and I just wanted to thank you for continuing to be such a genuine, positive light in the midst of the often overshadowing consumerism of the blog world. Seriously love your perspective on life - thanks for making the internet a more positive place!

Happy holidays! xoxo

Legal Lioness said...


Lauren said...

So love this post!


Kathryn Byers said...

All of these are amazing! I have a big smile on my face after reading :)

xx Kathryn

Ashley Wissel said...

Yes, Yes, and YES!!!

Big smile on this girls face right now :)


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