Monday, March 13, 2017

Easy Weekend Outfit ft. Striped Ruffle Tee

Ruffled Striped Tee (under $100) // Skinny Jeans (my favorite of all time)

Booties (under $100)// Speedy 30// Sunglasses 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was jam-packed. It was filled with traveling back from the Bahamas, unpacking, running errands, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, hosting one of my BFF's from DC, visiting with family from out of town, trying a new brunch spot, and capped it all off with a tennis lesson and sushi takeout from Little Tokyo (one of my absolute favorite restaurants in all of Pittsburgh). Phew, just typing that all out is exhausting. I need a weekend from my weekend, haha!

Today's outfit is one of my favorites. I often tell you all how much I love dressing up but I feel like this outfit is slightly more casual than a lot of my looks and I love that.

You know how much I love a good peplum. Typically, though, I find peplums to be structured and a little dressier. So, when I saw this shirt, I loved that it wasn't structured and had a much more casual/comfortable vibe. So much easier to wear every day. I also think it will look cute with white jean shorts and sandals in the summer months. It makes for a really easy weekend outfit perfect for brunching and exploring your city!

I'm always writing about these jeans, but they're seriously the best fitting pants I've ever worn (they run true to size), I cannot recommend them more because they feel like yoga pants! And these booties made their debut last week in this post here. The heel is high but they are surprisingly really comfortable. I wore these out and about in downtown Pittsburgh and they were wonderful!

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Love that top!



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