Friday, April 14, 2017

Instagram Wall in Pittsburgh

Today's post was shot in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It's one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. I remember even just a few years ago, Lawrenceville didn't have much to offer, but now it has absolutely exploded with amazing restaurants, renovated row houses, fun bars, and the cutest cafes and boutiques.

There is so much to do, you'd need several days just to cover it all! Not to mention, there are so many new restaurants and shops opening, it's hard to keep up. Another great thing about Lawrenceville? So many incredible art-filled walls. So, if you're in Pittsburgh and looking to up your 'gram game, this is the place!

Last week we had the most gorgeously sunny (and warm) day, so I used the opportunity to check out some of the walls! We stopped at the newest one, which was done by Sunkist and artists Jeremy Raymer and Matt Gondek. They've been doing some really cool things here in Pittsburgh and it's so awesome that they contributed this fun wall dedicated to all things citrus!

It made a great backdrop for these photos, don't you think? If you're in Pittsburgh, you should definitely check it out! It's located on the 35th block of Butler street (3526 to be exact). Thank you to Sunkist for sponsoring this post! For more fun things to check out in Lawrenceville, check out my favorites below.

Guide to Lawrenceville 
  • La Gourmandine- French baguettes and croissants that are to die for. Get there early. 
  • Arsenal Lanes- It's a bowling alley with live music and a full bar. It's so much fun! 
  • Arsenal Cider House- off the beaten path, a converted house turned into a really cool bar. You can taste all of their ciders before you settle on a growler. Pack a picnic and sit outside. Only downside? It closes at 8pm. 
  • Industry Public House- Amazing bar selection. If you like whiskey/bourbon, this place is for you. Standard bar/pub style menu, but more upscale presentation. Portions are huge (and delicious)! They also have Arsenal cider on tap! 
  • Tender- Situated on a corner right on Butler Street, Tender's home is in an old bank. It's a great place for cocktails and light bites, but also wonderful for dinner, too. They have a lounge area as well as a dining room (hidden in the back) and a private room downstairs. 
  • Smoke- Easy to miss the entrance right on Butler Street. Casual, urban hipster vibe. The tacos, margaritas, and queso were all very good. Cash only. No reservations, but there is usually a wait, so call ahead about an hour or two before you go. 
  • Umami- A unique experience and unique atmosphere. You have to be adventurous and willing to try things! My favorite dish was the okonomiyaki (it's a cabbage pankcake).
  • Cure- One of the best in Pittsburgh. They have a cute and cozy atmosphere, great cocktail/wine list and the charcuterie platter is amazing. Their dishes are unique and delicious, too. Sunkist will be partnering with them next week 4/19 and 4/20, so you'll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for that (see what I did there, ha!). 

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