Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, Grammie!

My gorgeous, Grammie!

Callie and Grammie

Dad, Grammie, and Aunt Lindey

Mom and Me

Callie and Mom

Callie and Me
On Me:
Last week, it was my grammie's birthday and doesn't she look fabulous?! Everyone who knows her is so lucky to have her in their lives. She is beautiful inside and out. She is no stranger to dressing well, hosting a fabulous party/event/brunch/dinner and her decorating style is perfection. 

She exudes taste and elegance in every facet of life and I always look to her for inspiration. She is the sweetest, kindest, and most thoughtful woman in the entire world- I could go on for days! 

One of my fondest memories of my grammie is when my grandpa and grammie would pick Callie and I up for lunch every Monday during elementary school and take us wherever we chose! I always think of how great it was that we were able to go home for lunch every day in elementary school. It was always such a treat to be taken out to lunch with grammie and grandpa in their convertible!

Two weekends ago, my aunt and uncle came up to Pittsburgh from Georgia and Callie flew in from North Carolina to celebrate my grammie! We started with drinks and snacks at my apartment and then we all walked to the William Penn's Terrace Room for dinner and celebration. 

It was such a gorgeous night- the weather was perfect so we were so glad to be able to walk! The William Penn is by far my favorite hotel in Pittsburgh. It boasts an old school elegance that is hard to find nowadays. The architecture and decor always takes my breath away. Pittsburgh is lucky to have such a gem in the city! I always recommend this hotel as the place to stay when people come in from out of town! 

The Terrace room is off of the lobby and is absolutely stunning. Their menu boasts classic dishes such as filet, ahi tuna, crab cakes, etc. They have a great wine list, but they do exceptional cocktails.

To dinner, I wore this gorgeous white dress from CK Bradley. I shared with those of you following me on Snapchat (@SummerWind41490) that I couldn't decide between two dresses (this was my other choice), so you all helped to choose by screenshotting your favorite... thank you! It runs true to size... I am wearing a size small, but if you have a larger bust, I suggest sizing up. 

Many of you on snapchat were saying how you would love this dress for your bridal showers and wedding events coming up! I think it is just the perfect dress for something like that! For those that are looking for some color, it also comes in a few other colors ways like navy and green!

If you are not familiar with the CK Bradley brand, you should definitely check it out. Way back in 2013, I wrote a post about the brand because it had taken a hiatus of sorts. I loved this brand in high school/college and am SO pleased it is back and better than ever! 

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Laura Baker said...

I was anxiously awaiting a post featuring this dress! As soon as I saw it on snapchat I was blown away, it's so beautiful!

Emily said...

Love this post!!! I love the white dress! I will definitely will be looking into it!
I also adore Callie's Dress! where is that from?


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