Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Perfect Lightweight Pajamas for Spring/Summer

First of all, this afternoon, I'm headed on a little road trip with my best girlfriends (one who just got engaged!!!) for a little R&R, so be sure to follow along on Instagram stories and Snapchat (SummerWind41490) to see what we are up to!

It's no secret that I have a major love for pajamas. If you are ever stumped as to what to get me for a holiday: pajamas. I can't get enough and love all of them so much. With the heat arriving and summer almost here, I thought I would share some fun summerweight pajamas with you all!

I usually stick to flannel/silk/jersey/cashmere in the winter but I really love a super light cotton in the summer months, especially because light floods my bedroom in the morning and it can get really hot even when the AC is on blast!

I also love little nightgowns during the summer months. My favorite place for nightgowns is anthropologie. They always have gorgeous options that are also tasteful. I love to wear them to bed but also wear them as I get ready in the morning or for a night out! 
See the widget above for my favorite pajamas and check out my pajama superlatives below (I own all of these pieces so they're Summer Wind approved!).



Maureen said...

And don't forget.....Ralph Lauren makes amazing sleep shirts in a number of fabrics including cotton and flannel. I wear them year around. Often on sale at places like Macy's but I usually get mine at Marshalls! Another fabulous post!

Susan M said...

Don't want to add to your obsession (one of mine as well), but check out bedhead pajamas and Garnet Hill Asian sleep wear. Both are so soft it is hard to sleep in anything else (other than flannel for deep winter).

Chichi said...

i am looking for a good pajama set, fab recommendations!

Lauren said...

That bedding is simply perfection!



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