Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Best Basic Striped Tee Everyone Needs (Under $30!)

The Best Basic Striped Tee Everyone Needs (Under $30!)

Striped Tee (Under $30, comes in two other color combos)
White Jeans (under $60)// Wedge Espadrilles (under $60)
If you've been reading for any period of time here on Summer Wind, it is no secret that I LOVE navy + white stripes. I mean, I really love any stripe whatsoever (see yesterday's post), but I am partial to a great navy and white Breton stripe. I know a lot of you feel the same way, too, and share my love!

It's crisp, classic, and works for any age, gender or taste. It's timeless- always in style- a definite wardrobe staple! I'll be the first to admit that I own way too many navy and white striped tees (although can you really ever have too many?!). However, each one is slightly different than the other... whether it's the stripes, the color, the fabric, the fit, etc. (or hey, even the price!!!) there are a lot of variables that go into a great tee. 

Well, I found a tee that has to be one of my favorites yet and you'd probably never stumble upon it for yourself because... it's in the men's section! I'm no stranger to all 'departments' of a brand- whether it's children's or men's they're always worth a browse.

In fact, I often find a lot of really great basics in the men's section. Things that work best when 'borrowed from the boys' are typically non-fitted items (so things like tees, sweatshirts, etc.). Even my favorite sweatpants to lounge around in the house are men's! I'm also known to sleep in this 'boyfriend' tee and a pair of men's boxers (some of them are sooooo cute, like these). I actually may own more pairs of boxers than some guys, ha! And another great men's item I like to steal? Button downs- they make the best swimsuit coverups!

Anyway, this striped tee is on major sale and comes out to be under $30- so get one for yourself and for your boyfriend/fiance/ husband! The fit and quality are almost identical to the much pricier Saint James version. The fabric is thicker than a typical tee. Ladies, if you are wearing a tank top, you could bring this along and use it almost as a 'sweatshirt' to toss on once it gets cooler at night.

As for sizing, it's men's, so you're automatically going to have a little boxier/longer fit in general. Plus, it will be a little oversized. In the photos above, I am wearing a size small. It's big but it doesn't look ridiculous. It's just the right amount of oversized to wear with casual outfits and jean shorts. I also ordered myself a medium because of the low price and so I can wear it around the house with sweats/pajama pants, etc. for a super comfortable feel or over a bathing suit (it's really almost like a dress at that size!).
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Marta said...

That's a gorgeous outfit! I find really cute things in the men's section as well, especially in the summer collections.

Lauren said...

Love a stripe tee and your outfit!


Katie M said...

This outfit is so cute, Sydney! I love how it's classy yet still casual!



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