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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nordstrom Sale Try-On

Nordstrom Sale Try-On
Items Featured In This Post:

This is Post 2/2 of my Nordstrom Sale posts (see original post, here) and it's a highly requested one! Last week, I shared a Snapchat try-on of some of my Nordstrom Sale picks, so now that the sale is officially open to the public, I'm translating my Snapchat try-on to SummerWindBlog.com! 

Since this is the first day the sale is open to everyone, I suggest shopping quickly. Periodically, Nordstrom will restock items, but on the more popular items, once the pieces are sold out, that's it. So to make sure you get your size, work quickly! 

Dress// Pumps (Jimmy Choo, old)
My Thoughts: This dress is something that immediately caught my eye. The stripes remind me of a men's tie and looks like something that Brooks Brothers would design. I love that. It also looks like a classic shift dress from the front but has a fun little ruffle hem in the back. 

Sizing: This dress runs very big. I would suggest sizing down at least one size.

Quality: The quality for the price is excellent. The fabric is very thick and does not wrinkle easily. 

My Thoughts: You guys consistently ask me for wear-to-work outfit ideas and this dress is a really great wardrobe staple for just that. What I love about it is that you can dress for work as I have it styled here, but a quick change of jewelry/accessories can make it work for a bevy of other events.

Sizing: This runs a little big, I would suggest sizing down. I am wearing a size small, but definitely could have gone down to the XS.

Quality: This dress also comes in print options, however, I think the prints cheapen the dress. The fabric isn't the best, but it's nice enough to be able to steam easily and get many wears. 

Jeans// Chanel Ballet Flats 
My Thoughts: I really loved this cashmere cardigan, but I ultimately ended up returning it in favor of this cashmere cardigan (reviewed below). I LOVE the lace camisole. It looks a little like lingerie, so I know some of you won't like that. But I like that it is basic and adds a little texture and interest to an outfit... especially because I wear a lot of all-black outfits, the more texture I can incorporate into an outfit like the above, the better! The jeans fit well, the fabric has the perfect amount of stretch (not too much, not too little) and I love the raw hem cuff. The cuff makes it easy to wear with any type of shoe!

Sizing: The cashmere cardigan runs big, definitely size down. The denim runs true to size and the lace camisole also runs true to size, too. 

Quality: The cashmere is top notch, and while pricey, the sale price sounds about right in comparison to other pieces of that nature. The jeans are a great price and definitely a pair that will stand the test of time because they have a good amount of stretch to them. The camisole isn't the best quality, but for the price (under $25), I say buy one in every color. It's such a closet staple and very comfortable. 

Jeans// Chanel Ballet Flats 

My Thoughts: This cashmere cardigan is a MAJOR winner. The cashmere is so thick and extremely soft and luxe. 

Sizing: The cardigan runs BIG. I would say size down at least one size. I got the smallest size they offer. It is meant to be roomy, but I usually wear a size small and it swallowed me. If you are super petite, I think this might not work for you just because it really is roomy. 

Quality: The cashmere cardigan is very pricey, but well worth the price, in my opinion. It is my #1 favorite thing from the sale. I wore it on the plane to Charlotte and was SO comfortable. I plan on wearing it on the plane to Paris with black leggings and a simple white tee. It's so versatile and jut really an overall high-quality closet staple. 

My Thoughts: At first impression when I received this v-neck sweater, I didn't mind it. But as I thought about it and really felt the fabric, I decided to return it. It is very affordable and I personally didn't want to keep it because I knew I wouldn't get any wear out of it since I'll most likely choose my nicer sweaters over this one. I do, however, think it would be great if you are on a budget and don't have a lot of casual sweaters. The fabric is cheap, but it isn't itchy and doesn't look super cheap. Overall, it's comfortable, but just not for me. 

I ordered these jeans because I've heard amazing things about the brand. I loved the zipper down the side by the ankle because I thought it was interesting and different. I also loved that the ankles weren't perfectly skinny. They look a little different. They're slightly trendy, for sure. 

Sizing: The sweater runs big, but it is mean to fit oversized. I'd recommend sizing down or choosing your usual size for more of a 'boyfriend' look. The denim runs true to size and has a bit of stretch to it. 

Quality: Like I mentioned above, the sweater quality is not up to my standard, but it's also not itchy or thin and doesn't look overly cheap when wearing it on my body. I think if you are going to get this sweater, that you should get it in black. I think that will be the nicest looking option out of all of the colors. The jeans are very high quality- some of the highest quality I've felt. 

My Thoughts: This tweed skirt is gorgeous. The melange of colors throughout the fabric is gorgeous and enables you to really pair a lot with the skirt. This skirt is longer, so it's perfect for a conservative office, but you can also dress it up for a cocktail event or even down for a more casual atmosphere. I love love love the faux wrap look as well as the fringed/raw edges. It really updates an otherwise classic tweed skirt.

Sizing: I think this runs slightly small. I'm usually between a 2 and 4 in skirts and I got a 4 in this skirt and it fits. If you are in between sizes, size up. 

Quality: The price for the quality is out of this world. The fabric is beautiful to the touch and to the eye. I'd easily pay the full price for a skirt of this quality, so the sale price (under $50) is an amazing deal.
My Thoughts: I love this skirt for a holiday cocktail party. It will look great with tights or a turtleneck but also looks great with the simple camisole. It's definitely a wardrobe workhorse in that it's neutral and you can change the look of it very easily.

Sizing: This runs VERY small. I'm wearing a size 4, but could have easily worn a 6, too. Size up at least one size. It's meant to be a true mini skirt. I honestly don't think this would be appropriate for work because it's short and really form fitting (shows off your behind!). Maybe you could get away with it with tights in the winter. It's more of a cocktail skirt anyway because there is a bit of metallic silver woven throughout the fabric. 

Quality: They came out with a tweed skirt last year in this brand (and the year before) and the quality was out of this world gorgeous both years. This year, I think they skimped on the quality. While the fabric is gorgeous and has a lot of depth, it feels thin. It's pretty expensive for a mini skirt, and I still love it, but if you're only going to choose one tweed skirt, the pink skirt that I reviewed prior to this one is higher quality. 

My Thoughts: I got this tee because SO many people were talking about it saying it is amazing. I do love the deep v-neck, the pocket, and the side slit hem (the back is longer than the front). At $15, it's a low price and I refuse to spend a lot on a plain cotton t-shirt. However, I have two other tees that I paid even less for that I actually like better. Ultimately, I kept this tee because the color is unique (it's like a dusty blush), but if you are looking for an inexpensive white tee, I suggest this one or this one

Sizing: It runs true to size. I am wearing a size small in the photos above. It is mean to fit loose/boyfriend-style. I think you could definitely go down a size for a more fitted look. 

Quality: For the price the quality is nice. Its just your average plain tee, but I think it will hold up nicely in the wash and many wears. 

Pieces I did not like:
  • Pumps// I was SO excited about these pumps because they look like a much pricier pair of Jimmy Choo pumps that I have been eyeing. I think my biggest mistake is that I tried on the Jimmy Choo pair prior to getting the pumps, so I knew as soon as I felt them and tried them on, they just really fell flat. The blush is the shade that I chose and I felt that the fabric both felt and looked cheap. I also felt like the shoe overall was not well made and looked cheap- especially for the price. 
  • Dress// This dress is awful. I think it would be great for a very petite woman/girl but it's extremely short and just overall ill-fitting. I did not expect much in terms of quality because of the super low price, but the fabric is very very cheap. 

Lately 7/20/2017

Tank (J.Crew, old)// Navy Pleated Leather Skirt 
Vara Bow Shoes// Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

This has been such a crazy and fast week. I stared off the weekend by getting take out at one of my favorite sushi spots and then spent Friday night working because I was waking up early to head to Philadelphia Saturday morning.

I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Philadelphia and got home super late Monday night. So my week started off on Tuesday where I was insanely busy trying to play catch up and also trying to get ahead because yesterday I flew down to Charlotte to visit my sister, Callie. Friday, we head to Georgia to spend 10 days at the lake! Needless to say, packing for Philadelphia then unpacking then re-packing for Charlotte and then 10 days at the lake was a time consuming task and I am SO glad that is done and over with. Only thing worse than packing is unpacking!

I also spent a little time getting all my ducks in a line for a very exciting surprise I have been keeping for months and it's almost time to  fully give it away, so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Wearing: You guys all loved this all-navy outfit I wore in Philadelphia so I thought I'd share it here, too. I'll have a full Philadelphia recap next week! The navy blue pleated leather skirt is part of the Nordstrom sale. It runs true to size (a touch big, so if you are between sizes, size down). I have it in black as well as a deep red shade and I get SO much wear out of these skirts. I find them to be chic but also classic in the cut.

Eating: Callie has these in her apartment and just introduced me to them. Holy cow are they incredible. I am an onion lover and also love me some salty snacks and this is totally the best of bot worlds. These are like potato chips but I find them to be even better (less of a crunch, though). And luckily, they are 'healthier', too. They're hard to find. Callie found them at a special market in Charlotte, but I looked online and it looks like there is a website called Thrive that carries them (and at a way lower price than usual, too!). 

Drinking: La Colombe was literally right next to the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia and I was SO happy to get a cappuccino and a chocolate chip cookie. It's literally my favorite coffee in the entire world. If you are in a city that has a La Colombe and are a coffee lover, you absolutely must try it out. I also recommend their draft latte. 
Sale-ing: I went to the King of Prussia mall on Monday and made out big time at the Club Monaco store. I am not a huge in-person shopper and don't typically love visiting an actual shopping mall, but the King of Prussia mall is really an experience. They have so many incredible stores. I made sure to pop into Neiman Marcus, Gucci, Cartier, Ferragamo, etc. I may or may not have tried on my dream watch at Cartier. Butttt, I only left with a few things and they were all from Club Monaco because they were having a huge sale. I got this vest (which is stunning in person), and this cashmere cardigan (that I would have never bought seeing it online but the fabric is incredible in person), and then this black tee shirt that is insanely soft, but the cut is unique, too.

Giving Away: You may have seen my instagram last night, but I am partnering with Hibernate Bedding to giveaway one set of sheets (you must enter on this instagram). They sent me a set of their sheets and I cannot tell you how comfortable they are. Sheets can be VERY expensive so finding an affordable set that are actually super soft is such a win. You can get 20% off your purchase, too, with code: SW20 at checkout. 

 Erdem x H&M is coming in November! I love when retailers partner with higher end designers. And I can't wait to see more of the videos created by Baz Lurhmann. 

Listening: I just started to re-listen to Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park album. I haven't listened in so long and it's really one of my favorites. 

Loving: Just sharing a few things that have caught my eye this week! 
Wanting: I am a big believer in splurging on quality shoes/handbags/jewelry and saving on clothing. A gorgeous pair of shoes can really dress up a $40 dress! With that said, my favorite splurge is definitely Salvatore Ferragamo. I have a very real obsession with Ferragamo. Their vara and varina shoes are the best shoes ever, and I wear them constantly. I also have a Ferragamo handbag that I absolutely adore and wear an insane amount. Their pieces are extremely well-made, they are understated with logos and the designs are typically classic, ladylike and simple. This season Ferragamo is killing it, which I love, but it's so bad for my wallet! I am absolutely dying for these shoes and this navy handbag. They moved to the very top of my wish list!!

Pittsburgh-ing: A few weeks ago, we went to dinner at Redfin Blues. It's somewhere I had never been before. It is located on Washington's Landing right across from the Strip District. It's situated right on the river and is actually a marina. The food was just ok but the atmosphere was amazing. It totally felt like we were on vacation rather than just 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh! 

Traveling: I am currently in Charlotte visiting my sister, Callie! Last night we had a casual dinner, ran a few errands and went for ice cream. I am working from her apartment today and this evening, she is taking me to one of her favorite restaurants in Charlotte. Charlotte is such a beautiful, clean city, I am loving it already and so happy to see Callie has made such a cute and cozy little home for herself here! 

Quoting: 'Never apologize for your enthusiasm.'// See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Best Natural/Neutral Lip Colors and Balms

The Best Natural/Neutral Lip Colors and Balms
Lip Balms In This Post:

I have always been such a lip color junkie. It could be gloss, lip stain, lip stick, chap stick, you name it, I love it and have probably tried it. Truth be told, I have an unnecessary amount of lip products in my arsenal. Drawers full to be exact. 

While I do love lip color, I find that the products I use most often are those that are hydrating to my lips, and if they're pigmented, they usually side on the more natural end of the spectrum. 

So I went through all of my lip products and today I'm sharing my absolute top must-have lip products in my arsenal. They fall at all different price points, so there really is something for everyone. I'd love for you to let me know of your favorite lip products in the comments below, too! 

Balm Dotcom// This is what I like to call 'fancy overpriced vaseline'... and yet, yes I have it... in several flavors. I think what sets this apart is that the flavors aren't cheesy or chemical-y. They're very natural and subtle. I personally love the coconut one, especially during the summer time. There are tinted versions, too! That's next on my 'to-try' list!

Burt's Bees// This might be an unpopular opinion, but the Burt's Bees lip balm is not my favorite. However, the tinted version is. The color is so natural, you can apply and apply and apply and it never looks overdone. One thing I love about Burt's Bees is that the balm is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Blistex Medicated// Hands-down my favorite chapstick of all time. I've been using this exact Blistex Medicated balm since I was little. I love the texture (light and smooth and not shiny) and it really does get the job done. I keep one in my car, in my desk, next to my bed, in my bathroom, in all handbags... literally I have a Blistex within arms reach at all times. SO good. 

Olio E Osso// I think this is really overpriced, however, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat because I love it so much. The oblong shape makes it really easy to apply to your lips. The tint looks a lot darker than it is. I have it in the berry shade and I love it on its own,  but I think it's the perfect thing to layer on over lip stains. It's super hydrating and just an over all flattering color with the most subtle sheen. 

Dior Lip Glow// This is definitely my #1 favorite lip product I've ever discovered (and just look at the reviews, it seems to be everyone else's favorite, too!). I only just recently tried it out and now own it in the sheer pink and the berry (4 shades to choose from). The sheer pink is the most natural color in my opinion. It's a super soft and easy to apply balm (feels a lot like the texture and consistency of the Blistex Medicated) and has a very subtle shine and the most natural flushed pink color. It just looks so 'normal' and right... that's the only way I can accurately describe it, but I seriously think if you only own one lip product it should be this. 

Clinique Almost Lipstick// The name really does say it all. The consistency is very smooth and it looks terrifying in the tube. By terrifying I mean it looks SO dark- and almost purple. But, when you apply, it goes on lightly and just tints your lips in the most beautiful berry hue. It's so flattering on everyone and never makes you look 'done up'. I also love that it provides a little shine, too. It's somewhere between a balm, a gloss, and a lipstick. 

Vaseline// No matter your age or gender, this is a classic that will never let you down. It comes in a tub, a tin, and a tube, so there's a way to apply for everyone. At just around $2, you can't beat it! 

Monday, July 17, 2017

How To Look Put Together When Wearing a T-Shirt

White T-Shirt (comes in several colors)// Jeans

The older I get, the more casual I become. It's not that I have become lazy, I just find myself going out to run errands in an outfit like in the photos above rather than in a skirt or a dress because of comfort. Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up, but there is something so refreshing about just throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. 

I've always equated 'jeans and t-shirt' with sloppiness. But, as I have gotten more comfortable in my own style and tastes, I've taken that often-made-sloppy look and made it my own.

The key to a non-sloppy version is to keep things clean and simple. The t-shirt was wrinkly before I put it on but I made sure to steam it so it looked crisp and fresh. I chose non-ripped denim which gives a little more of a ladylike vibe. I love distressed denim, but I find that wearing a t-shirt and distressed denim makes me feel a little too underdressed and in turn I feel uncomfortable. The pair I am wearing are SUPER comfortable. They have very little stretch to them, so they are a true denim material. They run true to size.

I think the key to looking very put together when just wearing jeans and a tee is that your hair and makeup should be done how you would normally wear it. There are so many times I run out of the house with my hair up in a top knot and no makeup, and I have no problem doing so. But, I definitely think that when I'm wearing a super casual outfit, it looks ten times more 'together' when I have done something to my hair and put a little bit of makeup on. 

The t-shirt is kind of random, but as soon as I felt the material, I knew I was going to love it. Sure enough, I went back and ordered 3 more. At under $10 (the promo codes change daily, but check out the top of the site for the right one) this shirt is a must-have. 

I also made sure to choose classic accessories that don't take away from simpleness of the outfit and don't try to over dress up the outfit.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Shopping

Jeans// Chanel Flats 

Happy weekend, everyone! This morning, we woke up super early to drive to Philly for a fun weekend! I haven't been in a while, so I am excited. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat! After Philly, I head to Charlotte, then to our lake house in Georgia. Let the relaxing and family time commence!

I mentioned that I was underwhelmed by the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and after receiving my order and trying everything on, that opinion still stands. However, I did manage to find one of my most favorite pieces ever: this cashmere cardigan. It's one of the pricier items, but so worth it because the quality of the cashmere is off the charts (it is extremely thick and luxe). I plan on wearing it 24/7 in the colder months. I wear a ton of black and think this will look great with leather leggings a silk tank and heels but also great like I have it styled more casually in the image above! It runs big so size down.
Items from the Snapchat (SummerWind41490) try-on are linked in the widget above, also linked on the right sidebar (if you are not on a mobile device), and you can also check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale page, here. You will be able to view the Snapchat story until 5pm this evening (Saturday July 15th).

I'm sharing some other things I found this week that I am loving, too! Happy shopping!

Posts you may have missed this week:

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lately 7/14/2017

Dress// Sandals (similar, less pricey)
Wearing: This pretty little blue dress is back in stock (under $100). It sold out so quickly last time, so definitely order quickly if you are interested. It runs true to size, I am in a size small!

Wearing II: I wore this outfit this past weekend for my dad's birthday dinner. I love love love this shift from Sailor-Sailor, the fabric is so stretchy and unbelievably comfortable!

Housekeeping: Just to let you all know, I'll be sharing a try-on on Snapchat (@SummerWind41490) later this afternoon around 4:15pm. So stay tuned... In the meantime, the widget above has been updated to show exactly what I ordered and will be talking about. The items are also currently linked in the right sidebar under 'Snapchat' as well as on my Nordstrom Sale page, here. 

Eating: Holy cow you guys. Trader Joe's Golden Carmel Swirl Ice Cream is like crack. You probably shouldn't buy it because I ate the entire tub within a week. It's incredibly smooth and creamy and the caramel is out of this world. 

Drinking: Caymus Vineyards 1858 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014. I'm a huge cab drinker. That's what I like and prefer. I've mentioned this many times before, but my go-to inexpensive bottle is Estancia. I tried Caymus Vineyards 1858 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 and it was excellent and definitely worth a try if you are a cab person, too. 

Reading: This article about IKEA affecting the antique industry is a really good and interesting read. Not to say I'm anti-IKEA at all, I do love browsing around in their huge stores and definitely think it's a great place to shop if on a budget or living somewhere temporarily, but I am such an antique lover. We have several amazing antique stores here in Pittsburgh and I found several high end, well made pieces for my apartment there. They were a little pricier than what you might pay at IKEA (but still less pricey than buying new). I bought them with the thought that I will most likely have them for the rest of my lifetime and pass them on to future generations.

There is one piece which is probably my most favorite piece in my entire apartment. It's a Convex Eagle Regency Mirror. My grammie has had one in her home for as long as I can remember and I have always admired the federalist, traditional style that it exudes. I searched for months for one that was in good shape, and not Syroco (these are a dime a dozen made from molded plastic that were very popular in the 1960's) but truly carved wood. It was also really difficult to find an affordable one, but eventually, my patience paid off. It looks absolutely perfect hanging on the wall above my antique bar cabinet (that was actually originally a radio cabinet given to my parents for their wedding).
Sale-ing: Nordstrom Sale, duhhhhh. You can see my first impressions here, and my top favorites (which is updated daily).

Sale-ing II: Club Monaco is having a 70%+ off sale. Tons of pieces majorly marked down. Sizes are limited but it's definitely worth browsing!

Sale-ing II: Lululemon is having their online warehouse sale. There are so many great pieces at big discounts. I think one of the best deals is this tennis skirt

 I finally finished How to Get Away With Murder season 3- so now I await season 4 in real time! I can't recommend it more- the last episode really threw me for a twist. We also watched The Conjuring on Sunday night. I'm not into scary movies- they are either too scary or too fake/cheesy. This was scary, but well done. It's worth a watch! 

Listening: I love when Spotify creates playlists for me. Their recap of my 2016 top played songs is one of my favorite playlists ever. They just released a Summer Rewind playlist for me and it's all songs I loved last summer. It's such a fun list and I definitely recommend a listen!

Loving: Guys, I just got this at-home hair removal system from Me. It's a new-to-me brand and I'm really anxious to try it out! It claims it is painless and you just use it once a week for 7 weeks and your hair is gone. I am going to do it for the full 7 weeks and report back. It's included in the Nordstrom Sale for $100 off. It's a little pricey, but it costs that much just to go get it done at a medical spa once (and you need to go way more than just once!).

Loving II: I was sent these new face masks by Erno Laszlo. I love love love their sheet masks, so I was really excited to try this out! You can buy three different types of sets: hydra-therapy, brightening, and firming lift. Each set comes with 4 bottles of liquid which is 'Step 1' then 4 packets that you mix in with the liquid for 'Step 2'. By mixing the two together, it activates the mask! I actually really like this because then the mask can never dry out. I just tried out the hydra-therapy and there is something so satisfying about mixing the mask and applying it. I can't wait to test out the others!

 Absolutely obsessed with this blue skirt that's under $90. It's gorgeous, don't you think?! You all might have heard of NeuLash- the serum you apply at the lash line that helps to grow eyelashes. So many people rave about the product. I have it, but have yet to try it since I get eyelash extensions. BUT... they have NeuBrow, which supposedly helps to grow/make your brows fuller. I started growing my brows out in late February and haven't touched them since. 

Pittsburgh-ing: We went to Pusadee's Garden this past weekend, which is a Thai restaurant in Lawrenceville (right across the street from Cure). The back patio atmosphere is lovely. You don't feel like you are in Pittsburgh at all, and it almost feels jungle-like with all of the plants. The twinkle lights give it a really cozy, romantic ambiance, too, once it gets dark. I got the Pad See Ew, which is my favorite dish to order at most Thai restaurants and it was disappointing and flavorless. However, the pork dumplings were amazing as was their Street Noodles #1. I'm definitely willing to go back and give it a second chance. What's even better is that it is BYOB. 

Traveling: I'm off to Philadelphia for the weekend... be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat/Instastories. To be honest, I'll most likely be more active on Instastories. It's a lot to keep up with both!

Suggesting: This is my little PSA for the week. If you didn't know, Snapchat released a new 'feature' called Snap Map where it shows where you are at all times on a map that all of your 'followers' can see. You can put yourself on 'ghost mode' meaning that you won't be shown on the map. I did this because thousands follow me on Snapchat, but I urge you to also put yourself on ghost mode, too. I think it's really unsafe for your location to be public to so many people!!! 

Quoting: 'Live for the moments you can't put into words.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Favorites and First Impressions

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017
Shop the image:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. It's only day 1 of early access and you're all probably sick of all of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts. Even I'm already sick of them! This is going to be one of the very few of my dedicated posts on this subject. z

Here's the bottom line: allllllll the bloggers are posting about this sale because it's a big money making opportunity since so many people shop the sale.

I thought of not doing a dedicated post at all because it's already so overdone, BUT, I post about it every single year because I personally love the sale and shop it every year. Nordstrom is one of my very favorite retailers and plus, I know a lot of you really do want to read this post! The reason I love seeing other bloggers post about the same topic (sometimes) is because of their curated tastes.

So- instead of trying to show you all the 'popular' items in the sale or the least expensive, I am going to share with you my true first opinions and what I love and will purchase. Overall, I was impressed with the selection. I was sad to see there was only one Patagonia piece available for women and I was also underwhelmed with the shoes, coats (this is the only coat I liked), and bags, which are usually my go-to purchases. I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of clothing I actually loved this year, though!

Tomorrow afternoon, be sure to tune into Snapchat and Instastories (@SummerWind41490) and I'll be trying everything on and talking about the pieces, prices, fit, and the quality. I'll then relay that information to all of you in blog post form which will be a second of my dedicated posts to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This was highly requested and very well received last year which is why I am also doing it this year. 

I'll post more on Instagram (including giveaways!!!) and if you do like reading about the sale, I will constantly update the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale page on my site with new items that I love, outfit photos and more. 

You better believe I am ordering this. I love the neutral color and this is one of my absolute favorite brands. I don't find the price that amazing, though, since it is only 28% cashmere. I ordered it anyway, so we'll see. 

I can always use a black cashmere sweater since this is one of my winter wardrobe staples. At under $100, it is definitely worth checking out. I'll be interested to see the quality of the cashmere. There are 8 colors to choose from. 

At under $32, this is going to be a popular item that sells out. I am curious about the quality, so we'll see, but I love wearing these around the house like a robe and also have a similar cardigan that I shared last fall, check out the post to give you an idea on how to style this! This style of cardigan is also similar and included in the sale, too. 

This is under $60 and something you can wear right now and well into the fall. I love the navy shade and the flounce hem. It's relaxed but you could also dress it up depending on the accessories you pair with it! 

This is a major splurge even on sale- but omg. It looks stunning with the way it drapes. I am hoping I don't like it since it is so pricey, but I have a feeling I am going to LOVE it. 

Another splurge, but wow. They're killing it with the longer cardigans this year. Love it in the navy shade, but think I would get more wear out of the heather marzipan shade. I'll be interested to see which cashmere cardigan I decide to keep! Stay tuned...

At just $15, I ordered this in 'hushed violet'. I am hoping it is a cream like it looks on the screen. Cream tees are hard to find! 

This is a great under $100 closet-staple. You can wear it to work, dress it up for cocktail events and even wear it in the winter with tights. 

Absolutely OBSESSED. This reminds me of a men's tie and I mean that in a great way. It also comes in plain black. A great wear-to-work staple!

Really love this skirt for work and play! 

A very classic Burberry Jacket. Still pricey, but a good deal nonetheless!

A nautical take on a lounge-wear staple. This looks very similar to something that Vince came out with this season and this is just a fraction of the price. 

These were out of pure necessity. I've had mine since 9th grade and had worn a hole into the toe and sole of the shoe. I really only wear them around the house or if I'm running out to Starbucks really quickly. I can't quit them. They're so soft and comfortable and warm. 

These are not something I purchased since I already have a pair, and I'd honestly really like a red pair, but if you don't have them yet, this is a good deal and I love love love this new style.

This is so sweet and I am such a sucker for anything tortoise! 
I have been eyeing an almost identical pair of block heel pumps like this by Jimmy Choo. Instead, these are under $80! They also come in a few other colors and materials. 

There is something about a white sneaker that I just love and how fun and girly are the rose gold touches?!

Love the pointed toe and little metal detail at the toe. Also love the wrap around the ankle!
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017
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I use this every single time I dry my hair. It's a game-changer. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get one. It has 2 speeds, 3 heat settings, you can use a 'cold shot', it's supposedly better for your hair than even letting it air dry!

I love love love this mask, it is one of my most-used beauty products. I love how they have now put it in a tube rather than a tub that it used to come in. It used to dry-up too quickly in the tub, so this is a great tweak!

I have this and use it all the time. It's gentle and exfoliating all at the same time. It really makes you 'feel' clean. 

Molton Brown is one of my little luxuries that I love to splurge on. I've never smelled a bad scent from MB! You could keep one and use the other as a little add-on for a gift!

A huge amount of Kiehl's lotion for not a huge price. This is one of my all-time favorite body lotions. It's gentle and doesn't have a strong scent. It's just good stuff and this pump bottle should last you months!

Love that this is sleek and also has lights. I do my makeup sitting at my desk each day and think this is a great buy! 

I have this scent and love it. It's the absolute perfect summer scent. Light and fresh!

This is SUCH a good value. I swear by both of these products and MB is one of my all-time favorite skincare sets. 

Hourglass's ambient light products are the bomb. They are very subtle and highlight in the most natural way. It's expensive for makeup, in my opinion, but well worth it. I use my palette several times a week!

I have this and LOVE it. It's supposed to be anti-aging, and while I'm not sure about that, it's definitely better than any cotton ones you wear because it is soft and safe on your skin! Plus it's a lot larger than your standard eye mask so you really do get a blackout (great for travel).

Diptyque never goes on sale, so when you can score a deal, go for it! I like to open the set and then use these as add-ons to gifts throughout the year!

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