Friday, July 14, 2017

Lately 7/14/2017

Dress// Sandals (similar, less pricey)
Wearing: This pretty little blue dress is back in stock (under $100). It sold out so quickly last time, so definitely order quickly if you are interested. It runs true to size, I am in a size small!

Wearing II: I wore this outfit this past weekend for my dad's birthday dinner. I love love love this shift from Sailor-Sailor, the fabric is so stretchy and unbelievably comfortable!

Housekeeping: Just to let you all know, I'll be sharing a try-on on Snapchat (@SummerWind41490) later this afternoon around 4:15pm. So stay tuned... In the meantime, the widget above has been updated to show exactly what I ordered and will be talking about. The items are also currently linked in the right sidebar under 'Snapchat' as well as on my Nordstrom Sale page, here. 

Eating: Holy cow you guys. Trader Joe's Golden Carmel Swirl Ice Cream is like crack. You probably shouldn't buy it because I ate the entire tub within a week. It's incredibly smooth and creamy and the caramel is out of this world. 

Drinking: Caymus Vineyards 1858 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014. I'm a huge cab drinker. That's what I like and prefer. I've mentioned this many times before, but my go-to inexpensive bottle is Estancia. I tried Caymus Vineyards 1858 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 and it was excellent and definitely worth a try if you are a cab person, too. 

Reading: This article about IKEA affecting the antique industry is a really good and interesting read. Not to say I'm anti-IKEA at all, I do love browsing around in their huge stores and definitely think it's a great place to shop if on a budget or living somewhere temporarily, but I am such an antique lover. We have several amazing antique stores here in Pittsburgh and I found several high end, well made pieces for my apartment there. They were a little pricier than what you might pay at IKEA (but still less pricey than buying new). I bought them with the thought that I will most likely have them for the rest of my lifetime and pass them on to future generations.

There is one piece which is probably my most favorite piece in my entire apartment. It's a Convex Eagle Regency Mirror. My grammie has had one in her home for as long as I can remember and I have always admired the federalist, traditional style that it exudes. I searched for months for one that was in good shape, and not Syroco (these are a dime a dozen made from molded plastic that were very popular in the 1960's) but truly carved wood. It was also really difficult to find an affordable one, but eventually, my patience paid off. It looks absolutely perfect hanging on the wall above my antique bar cabinet (that was actually originally a radio cabinet given to my parents for their wedding).
Sale-ing: Nordstrom Sale, duhhhhh. You can see my first impressions here, and my top favorites (which is updated daily).

Sale-ing II: Club Monaco is having a 70%+ off sale. Tons of pieces majorly marked down. Sizes are limited but it's definitely worth browsing!

Sale-ing II: Lululemon is having their online warehouse sale. There are so many great pieces at big discounts. I think one of the best deals is this tennis skirt

 I finally finished How to Get Away With Murder season 3- so now I await season 4 in real time! I can't recommend it more- the last episode really threw me for a twist. We also watched The Conjuring on Sunday night. I'm not into scary movies- they are either too scary or too fake/cheesy. This was scary, but well done. It's worth a watch! 

Listening: I love when Spotify creates playlists for me. Their recap of my 2016 top played songs is one of my favorite playlists ever. They just released a Summer Rewind playlist for me and it's all songs I loved last summer. It's such a fun list and I definitely recommend a listen!

Loving: Guys, I just got this at-home hair removal system from Me. It's a new-to-me brand and I'm really anxious to try it out! It claims it is painless and you just use it once a week for 7 weeks and your hair is gone. I am going to do it for the full 7 weeks and report back. It's included in the Nordstrom Sale for $100 off. It's a little pricey, but it costs that much just to go get it done at a medical spa once (and you need to go way more than just once!).

Loving II: I was sent these new face masks by Erno Laszlo. I love love love their sheet masks, so I was really excited to try this out! You can buy three different types of sets: hydra-therapy, brightening, and firming lift. Each set comes with 4 bottles of liquid which is 'Step 1' then 4 packets that you mix in with the liquid for 'Step 2'. By mixing the two together, it activates the mask! I actually really like this because then the mask can never dry out. I just tried out the hydra-therapy and there is something so satisfying about mixing the mask and applying it. I can't wait to test out the others!

 Absolutely obsessed with this blue skirt that's under $90. It's gorgeous, don't you think?! You all might have heard of NeuLash- the serum you apply at the lash line that helps to grow eyelashes. So many people rave about the product. I have it, but have yet to try it since I get eyelash extensions. BUT... they have NeuBrow, which supposedly helps to grow/make your brows fuller. I started growing my brows out in late February and haven't touched them since. 

Pittsburgh-ing: We went to Pusadee's Garden this past weekend, which is a Thai restaurant in Lawrenceville (right across the street from Cure). The back patio atmosphere is lovely. You don't feel like you are in Pittsburgh at all, and it almost feels jungle-like with all of the plants. The twinkle lights give it a really cozy, romantic ambiance, too, once it gets dark. I got the Pad See Ew, which is my favorite dish to order at most Thai restaurants and it was disappointing and flavorless. However, the pork dumplings were amazing as was their Street Noodles #1. I'm definitely willing to go back and give it a second chance. What's even better is that it is BYOB. 

Traveling: I'm off to Philadelphia for the weekend... be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat/Instastories. To be honest, I'll most likely be more active on Instastories. It's a lot to keep up with both!

Suggesting: This is my little PSA for the week. If you didn't know, Snapchat released a new 'feature' called Snap Map where it shows where you are at all times on a map that all of your 'followers' can see. You can put yourself on 'ghost mode' meaning that you won't be shown on the map. I did this because thousands follow me on Snapchat, but I urge you to also put yourself on ghost mode, too. I think it's really unsafe for your location to be public to so many people!!! 

Quoting: 'Live for the moments you can't put into words.' // See more of my favorites, here. 


Laura Baker said...

I LOVE Thai food, pad see ew is one of my favorites too! That's disappointing that it wasn't good, but so cool that that place is BYOB!

trg said...

I would love to see your antique pieces. I am a fanatic antique hunter!

Meghan said...

Just moved to Pittsburgh & would love to know some good antiquing spots. Love your blog!

Alexis deZayas said...

Going to look at that Lululemon sale now! And thanks for the Snapchat tip!

Lauren said...

Love the first dress!



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