Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Everyday Jewelry

I'm often asked about the jewelry I wear everyday. I wrote a post about this around 2.5 years ago, so I thought I'd do a little update. I love jewelry. It's one of my favorite ways to accessorize and I think it is a way to really show off your personality and tastes. I also think jewelry makes the best gift because it's very special and will last a lifetime. 

There are a few pieces that I wear almost daily and while some are from a local jeweler here in Pittsburgh- there are a ton of great options online that are very similar, if not identical. I'm sourcing all of the pieces so you're able to pick a piece for yourself or for a loved on. 

You'll notice that most of my jewelry is super simple and classic. I think if you are going to wear a piece every single day, it needs to be simple so it doesn't take away from what you are wearing or get in the way of any activities you may be doing. I also think that if you are going to wear a piece every single day that it should be made of quality materials so it can hold up to all of the wear and tear. 

What I wear every single day:
  • Cartier Love Ring 
  • Monogrammed Gold Signet Ring
  • Bezel set gold diamond solitaire necklace 
  • 1 ct. diamond studs 
What I wear often:
  • Pearl studs
  • Cartier Tank Watch
  • David Yurman Cable Bracelet
  • Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet
  • Sapphire and diamond band ring 
So now you know what I wear every day, I figured I would try and find similar items that are available online. 

Cartier Love Ring
This was given to me one year for Christmas from my parents. I love that my name is engraved on the inside. I am dying for the matching bracelet. One day. I think a simple gold band ring is a really understated way to accessorize. It gives off a luxe vibe, but is very wearable.

Monogrammed Gold Signet Ring 
full blog post here
I got my signet ring about two years ago. My dad has one and wears it every single day. His parents got it for him while he was in grade school and I have always admired his. I wanted one for my left-hand pinky finger and it took me a while to find a good one. Now, I think there are a ton of options online! 
Bezel Set Solitaire Necklace
This necklace is very special to me. My grandparents gave me a beautiful diamond ring on year for my birthday. I wasn't getting enough wear out of it, so I had it turned into a necklace and I never take it off. Story time: A few years ago, I was at one of my best friend's houses and we were getting ready for a New Year's Eve Celebration. We stopped at her husband's parent's house before we went the party when I realized that the diamond was missing from my necklace. I was freaking out but also trying to stay calm because it's just a material item and I didn't want to upset everyone's night. The next morning, we got back to her house and I walk into the kitchen. On the floor, I see something sparkle out of the corner of my eye. It was the diamond!!!!! Isn't that crazy?! I had it reset in a larger gold setting so that it would be much safer!

Stud Earrings
I switch between a pair of diamonds and pearl studs most often, but I think I prefer the diamonds more. My first pair of diamond studs were given to me by my dad. It's truly a moment I will never forget. We were at the Greenbrier right before I was about to start 9th grade and we were having dinner in their formal dining room. They brought out three silver dome trays and set them down at each of our places (my mom, Callie, and me). When they removed the domes, there sat a jewelry box. We opened them and I got diamond earrings... my birthstone (lucky me, haha!!). Callie and I were so naive that we thought the restaurant was so fancy that they were giving us these gifts. It took us a little while to realize my dad had coordinated it, hahah!! Anyway, I find pearl or diamond studs to be classic and elegant. I like to err on the smaller size with these, so they don't take away from anything else. 

Cartier Tank Watch 
I saved up big time for this purchase. I worked very hard for years to be able to save away and buy exactly what I wanted. This is absolutely my go-to watch. I wear it daily in the fall/winter/spring, but neglect to wear it in the summer because it's too hot and I rarely wear black during the summer months. This is such a classic watch and I will have it for my lifetime.

Diamond and Sapphire Ring

This is my most recent piece of jewelry. I have a thing for rings. I always want a new ring and am so drawn to them. I LOVE sapphires. Besides diamonds and pearls, sapphires are my favorite. I really wanted an understated band-style ring that had a mix of diamonds and sapphires and this was just PERFECT. After looking online. I realized there are a ton of options at all different price points. 


Rosa Fairfield said...

You have great jewellery game - I always forget to wear it.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Are your diamond studs 1 carat total between both pairs or 1 carat each?

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