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Nantucket Travel Guide: Where To Eat

where to eat on nantucket
Striped Dress (runs big, size down)

There is SO much good food on Nantucket. I purposefully just ate a big dinner before writing this post so I wouldn't start salivating all over the keyboard while reliving some of these amazing meals. I suggest you have a snack on hand so you don't start to, too! Also- be ready to scroll, there are a TON of photos. 

Whether you're looking for a quick sandwich to pack for the beach, an incredible lobster roll, or fine dining, there's a little bit of everything. 

cisco brewery nantucket

cisco brewery nantucket

cisco brewery nantucket

cisco brewers nantucket

Cisco Brewery 
Cisco is quintessential Nantucket. It's an easy bike ride from town and totally worth it. Between a brewery, a winery, and a distillery, there is something to please everyone. We got there early to make sure we were table to get a table and started off with a beer flight. My favorite was Whale's Tale. What I love most about Cisco is the variety of food trucks, the live music, and the super casual atmosphere. You can show up in a bathing suit and coverup salty and sandy and no one will give you a second glance. Another plus? They have a 167 Raw stand. I first went there when I was in Charleston and knew we had to get it again. Their food is AMAZING. 

cru nantucket

cru nantucket

cru nantucket lobster roll

cru nantucket
Cru is right on the water in town and offers great views. The entire restaurant is designed incredibly. It makes you feel like you're on a yacht designed by Ralph Lauren. We went for dinner but they are also open for lunch, too! We started off with the smoked fish dip which was incredible and moved onto the lobster roll. This was the best lobster roll I've ever had. Hands down without a doubt. It was warm and basically seasoned buttery lobster with no filler on a deliciously warm toasty bun. We didn't even touch the fries because the lobster roll was just that incredible. Make a reservation. 

Walter's Deli Nantucket
Walter's Deli 
This little 'stand' is just a few doors down from the Juice Bar. Their sandwiches are amazing (and huge) and they also have drinks, chips, salads, etc. We grabbed this one morning before heading to the beach. It makes for the perfect picnic food! 

Brotherhood of Thieves Nantucket
Brotherhood of Thieves
This was literally right next door to 21 Broad, our hotel. We were exhausted so we wanted to grab something early and quick. Funny story- we were waiting for a table but the hostess never showed up, and as we were standing there, this older (very drunk) man came up to us. We thought he was just being politely funny, and as we walked into the restaurant, he followed and sat down next to us at the bar. We thought he was joking around but he continued to sit with us for the entirety of his meal. Peyton and I were looking at each other like 'WTF'. A short while after he left, we had finished our meal and asked for our check- it turns out, the guy had paid for our meals, too! It was such a random/funny experience. But the food is really good. It's standard bar food plus a few extra things. My seared tuna salad was excellent. 

galley beach nantucket

galley beach nantucket\

dinner at galley beach nantucket

Galley Beach
This was our favorite dinner. Unfortunately, it was cold and overcast with a major threat of rain, so we missed out on sunset and having cocktails out on the beach, but seriously, the atmosphere doesn't get any better than Galley Beach. Even if you just go for drinks, it is SO worth it. We had excellent cocktails, started off with salmon tartar, and I got scallops for my main entree. Wow. This is definitely more upscale so you need to be 'dressed'. So many people say that it is 'very pricey' but I found it no pricier than any other white tablecloth restaurant that you'd go to. We actually spent more at Cru for dinner than we did at Galley Beach and we ordered the exact same amount of courses/cocktails/etc. This is definitely a great spot for a celebration or a romantic evening. Make a reservation.

lola burger nantucket

lola burger nantucket
Lola Burger
Easily the best burger I've ever had in my entire life. I mean just look at it! It's outside of town and we wanted to walk around and explore so we walked! It was a long walk, but not too bad and so worth it. By the time we arrived, we were starving. We both devoured our entire burgers! There is both indoor and outdoor seating. We sat on the back patio and were thankful for the outdoor heaters  since it was a bit chilly! 

epernay nantucket
There's the big liquor store right in town, but we stopped at Epernay on our way to Jettie's Beach. It is just SO cute and charming. We grabbed Fisher's Island lemonades but they had everything you could imagine and a lot of it was perfectly chilled. They even had a new-to-me-favorite: Rhinegeist Bubbles (sparkling rose cider).

the juice bar nantucket ice cream

the juice bar nantucket ice cream
The Juice Bar
Saved the best for last! If you haven't been to Nantucket and you see 'The Juice Bar' constantly all over everyone's social feeds, there is good reason for it. It truly is the best ice cream! It's an absolute must- but be warned, the line can get verrrrrry long. We would go at weird times to avoid the crowds and get our fix!

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Kritsida said...

That burger! OMG I'm dying! It looks delish!
Be sure to check out my latest blog post!
x. kritsida

Suzanne said...

All great picks! So many amazing spots to eat on ACK, we live here all summer and have to decide which ones to hit because you just can't fit them all in. Looks like you enjoyed your trip!

Briana Nicole said...

I am currently starving so all of this looks even more amazing!


Anonymous said...

nonsense. Stay away from Cisco brewery and The Brotherhood. The other recommendations are fine. Although there is much better ice cream than Juice Bar. Try the island kitchen homemade ice cream. You can buy directly from Island Kitchen or at Surfside.

erica said...

you haven't had a proper sandwich on island til you've been to Something Natural!


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