Friday, July 28, 2017

Philadelphia Recap

I really should name this post the 'tour de cheesesteak', but we did a few other things than just eat... I think... We started off the road trip with Chik Fil A (no brainer) and Starbucks and hit the road. We made it within 5 hours which was nice! 

Polo Shirt// Jean Shorts (old, similar, similar)

Then we checked in to the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia. You can read my full review of the hotel, here. I really enjoyed just relaxing with some champagne and the gorgeous room and stunning views. 

Navy Blue Swing Dress (so soft and comfortable)
Then, we hit the pavement to check out Philadelphia. We didn't have much of a plan, rather just wander around the city taking in the sights. This navy blue swing dress was SO comfortable in the heat and for walking. We walked over 10,000 steps in just a few hours so I was glad to look cute but still comfortable. 

We ended up at Jim's Cheesesteaks. A Philadelphia resident had recommended it so we thought it would be amazing. We stood in the long line and finally got our hands on the prize. We were a little bit underwhelmed, to be honest. But I should preface this with the fact that I'm not the biggest cheesesteak fan. Aren't the photos from our walk, gorgeous, though? Philadelphia is such a lovely city!!

Tank (J.Crew, old)// Navy Pleated Leather Skirt 
Vara Bow Shoes// Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

The next morning, we woke up and lounged around sipping coffee and then headed to Aqimero for brunch. 
Where we enjoyed bellinis, lobster avocado toast, and more. We then did some more exploring/walking around.. it was SO hot that day, but we were so glad to have really fit in a lot of exploration! We wanted to see the famous 'Love Park' but unfortunately, it was under construction.

Then, I met up with my BFF from high school, Eugenia, and her boyfriend Michael at Independence Beer Garden. Michael is from Philadelphia so he knew that this would be a fun spot to take us. And, he was not wrong, that's for sure. Independence Beer Garden is SO cute. There are picnic tables everywhere, table games like Jenga, great snacks, and a good selection of beer, cocktails, etc. We had so much fun just catching up and I was so glad I got to see her!

Then, we headed to Wells Fargo Center to see the Big 3. If you are not familiar (I wasn't), it's a traveling basketball tournament where it's half of a basketball court and the teams are 3 vs. 3. The players are all retired NBA players and are also coached by retired NBA players, too. The biggest 'deal' was Allen Iverson since he played for the Sixers. I have never been to a professional basketball game before, so I've always wanted to go. While this was a little different (Fat Joe performed, hahah), it was still a lot of fun! 

Post-game, we wanted to try another cheesesteak, so we headed to Steve's which is right near the Ritz-Carlton. In my opinion, this cheesesteak was a lot better than Jim's... it had more cheese and the steak was juicier. 
The next morning, we woke up and headed to La Colombe. Best. Coffee. Ever. I got a cappuccino and their chocolate chip cookie (which is like crack). We packed up and called down for the car and were set to head back to Pittsburgh. 

But not before we stopped at Geno's and Pat's for more cheesesteaks. Geno's was SO good and was my favorite of all of them. I actually had had both Geno's and Pat's before when I was younger but couldn't remember my opinion so it was nice to go back. Geno's was so juicy and cheesy and flavorful!

As we hit the road, we passed the exit sign for the King of Prussia mall... and well, I just couldn't pass it up. We don't have a Neimans in Pittsburgh so it's a real treat when I can stop into one. Chanel shoes galore, I was in HEAVEN! Luckily for my wallet, I practiced strict self control. 

We also had Shake Shack- another thing we don't have in Pittsburgh that I just die for. It's SO good. I would think after this trip I'd be about 10 pounds heavier because of all the unhealthy food I indulged in, but we walked SO much, I think it all balanced out-- well, hopefully! All in all, I can't wait to make another trip back to Philadelphia! It was so much fun!

What I Wore in Philly:


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun but hope you try more of our "real" and excellent restaurants next visit! I've lived in Philly for 15 years and probably haven't eaten a cheesesteak in the last 5.

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous, that's what I hope to try next time! We really only had one meal spot open without plans (dinner on our first night), so we sadly didn't have enough time!

Laura said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I'm actually moving to Philly next month; I'm super excited, it seems like a great city.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed my hometown, Sydney! I love Philly the way that you love Pittsburgh, so it was great to hear that you had such fun!- KLV in PHL

Lauren said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Glad you enjoyed it!


Feng Lisa said...



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