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The Best Natural/Neutral Lip Colors and Balms

The Best Natural/Neutral Lip Colors and Balms
Lip Balms In This Post:

I have always been such a lip color junkie. It could be gloss, lip stain, lip stick, chap stick, you name it, I love it and have probably tried it. Truth be told, I have an unnecessary amount of lip products in my arsenal. Drawers full to be exact. 

While I do love lip color, I find that the products I use most often are those that are hydrating to my lips, and if they're pigmented, they usually side on the more natural end of the spectrum. 

So I went through all of my lip products and today I'm sharing my absolute top must-have lip products in my arsenal. They fall at all different price points, so there really is something for everyone. I'd love for you to let me know of your favorite lip products in the comments below, too! 

Balm Dotcom// This is what I like to call 'fancy overpriced vaseline'... and yet, yes I have it... in several flavors. I think what sets this apart is that the flavors aren't cheesy or chemical-y. They're very natural and subtle. I personally love the coconut one, especially during the summer time. There are tinted versions, too! That's next on my 'to-try' list!

Burt's Bees// This might be an unpopular opinion, but the Burt's Bees lip balm is not my favorite. However, the tinted version is. The color is so natural, you can apply and apply and apply and it never looks overdone. One thing I love about Burt's Bees is that the balm is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Blistex Medicated// Hands-down my favorite chapstick of all time. I've been using this exact Blistex Medicated balm since I was little. I love the texture (light and smooth and not shiny) and it really does get the job done. I keep one in my car, in my desk, next to my bed, in my bathroom, in all handbags... literally I have a Blistex within arms reach at all times. SO good. 

Olio E Osso// I think this is really overpriced, however, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat because I love it so much. The oblong shape makes it really easy to apply to your lips. The tint looks a lot darker than it is. I have it in the berry shade and I love it on its own,  but I think it's the perfect thing to layer on over lip stains. It's super hydrating and just an over all flattering color with the most subtle sheen. 

Dior Lip Glow// This is definitely my #1 favorite lip product I've ever discovered (and just look at the reviews, it seems to be everyone else's favorite, too!). I only just recently tried it out and now own it in the sheer pink and the berry (4 shades to choose from). The sheer pink is the most natural color in my opinion. It's a super soft and easy to apply balm (feels a lot like the texture and consistency of the Blistex Medicated) and has a very subtle shine and the most natural flushed pink color. It just looks so 'normal' and right... that's the only way I can accurately describe it, but I seriously think if you only own one lip product it should be this. 

Clinique Almost Lipstick// The name really does say it all. The consistency is very smooth and it looks terrifying in the tube. By terrifying I mean it looks SO dark- and almost purple. But, when you apply, it goes on lightly and just tints your lips in the most beautiful berry hue. It's so flattering on everyone and never makes you look 'done up'. I also love that it provides a little shine, too. It's somewhere between a balm, a gloss, and a lipstick. 

Vaseline// No matter your age or gender, this is a classic that will never let you down. It comes in a tub, a tin, and a tube, so there's a way to apply for everyone. At just around $2, you can't beat it! 

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Laura Baker said...

If you've never tried Lano lip products, they're a MUST! I use the "Lips 101 Ointment Mulitpurpose Superbalm" and the "Lips 101 Ointment Strawberry Multi-Balm." They're definitely a holy grail for me, I don't know if I'll ever branch back out!


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